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Coronavirus 11-03-2020

Merkel: Germany well-equipped against COVID-19

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her first public statement about the coronavirus epidemic on Wednesday (11 March), saying that financial reserves and good emergency mechanisms make Germany well-prepared. "We will do what is necessary," she added. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economic governance 25-10-2017

Economy, finance take centre stage in Commission’s final legislative push

Initiatives to strengthen the financial markets and deepen the economic and monetary union will play a major role in the European Commission’s work programme for 2018, the final one before the legislative machine slows down in the run-up to European elections in 2019.
Economy & Jobs 19-09-2017

Post-election Germany: An iron chancellor with a liberal sidekick?

If the liberal FDP enters a coalition with the conservative CDU in Berlin, Merkel and Schäuble will have to adapt their plans for the future of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). EURACTIV Germany's partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Economy & Jobs 01-09-2017

Paris and Berlin at odds over ‘grand bargain’ to deepen eurozone

French President Emmanuel Macron's push for an ambitious overhaul of Europe's single currency bloc is running up against robust resistance in Berlin despite conciliatory public signals from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Economic governance 30-08-2017

Germany warned against eurozone reform complacency ahead of election

The political will to keep the eurozone together is eroding inexorably, warns Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm from Transparency International. In an interview, he reminds German politicians about their responsibility in the eurozone crisis, calling for vital governance reforms to be adopted after the September election.
Future EU 22-08-2017

Schäuble preparing EU bailout fund reform proposal

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is working on a proposal that would allow southern eurozone countries to tap into the single currency bloc's bailout fund to boost investments during recessions, a newspaper reported on Wednesday (23 August).
Economy & Jobs 20-03-2017

Eurozone chief backs German calls for ‘a European IMF’

The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) – the eurozone's bailout fund – should ultimately be turned into a European version of the International Monetary Fund IMF, according to the head of eurozone finance ministers.
Euro & Finance 23-02-2016

Italy wants EU bonds to fund refugee response

A common European Union policy to manage external borders and cope with the refugee crisis should be funded with common resources, including through the issuance of EU bonds, Italy said on Monday (22 February).
EU Priorities 2020 01-07-2014

French strategists map reforms to counter EU defiance

France Stratégie, a government advisory body, has issued a report outlining the reforms it deems necessary to keep the European project alive and counter rising French Euroscepticism. EURACTIV France reports.
Francois hollande
Energy 25-06-2014

Hollande’s ambitious ‘New Deal’ for Europe

French President François Hollande proposed a Keynesian-style investment plan for Europe, which includes investments of €1.2 trillion to renew economic growth. EURACTIV France reports.
Klaus Regling (Left), CEO of the European Stability Mechanism, and Jeroen Dijsselbloem, President of the Eurogroup in Brussels on 5 May 2014 [Photo: Council of the EU]
Euro & Finance 06-05-2014

Eurozone set for direct bank recapitalisation in 2015

The euro zone's bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism, could directly invest in a troubled bank next year, after 8% of the bank's total liabilities are written off, the chairman of eurozone finance ministers said on Monday (5 May).
Euro & Finance 07-04-2014

Schulz and Juncker at loggerheads over France

Jean-Claude Juncker describes Martin Schulz’s lax attitude to France’s public debt as a “serious political error”. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 02-04-2014

Public debt plan gaining momentum

By reducing their debt, European countries, will return to economic growth. But creating redemption funds, and eurobligations, raises the spectre of fiscal union. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 15-11-2013

Germany opposes rescuing ailing banks with EU money

Germany challenged a central plank of plans to forge a banking union in the eurozone yesterday (14 November), arguing against the use of the currency bloc's funds to help lenders exposed as dangerously weak by health checks next year.
Euro & Finance 08-01-2013

Japan weighs purchase of first eurozone bailout bonds

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said today (8 January) that his country will purchase bonds issued by the eurozone's bailout fund to help foster financial stability.
Euro & Finance 09-10-2012

ESM kicks off as its first client keeps low profile

Eurozone finance ministers meeting in Luxembourg launched the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) yesterday (8 October), a €500-billion rescue fund for the 17 countries that share the currency. Its first task will be to help Spain recapitalise its banks, but reportedly no discussion took place about Madrid needing a full bailout.
Euro & Finance 07-08-2012

Brussels to lay out banking union plan by early September

  The European Commission is aiming to present its banking union plan by September 11, in a bid to contain the euro crisis that has prompted several EU countries to seek bailout to finance their banks, EU officials reportedly said on Monday (6 August).
Euro & Finance 20-07-2012

Political hurdles cleared in Spanish bank bailout

The Eurogroup today (20 July) announced it would grant a bailout of up to €100 billion to Spain to help the country recapitalise its banks, following a telephone conference call during which finance ministers gave their backing to the rescue plan.
Euro & Finance 03-07-2012

Finns, Dutch cast first doubt on EU summit deal

Finland and the Netherlands, the eurozone's most hardline creditor states, cast the first doubts on Monday on a European summit deal designed to save Spain and Italy from being engulfed by the currency bloc's debt crisis.
Euro & Finance 02-07-2012

German parliament approves EU bailout fund

Germany's parliament resoundingly approved the eurozone's permanent bailout scheme and new budget rules on Friday (29 June), but legal hurdles remain and Chancellor Angela Merkel's concessions to eurozone partners Italy and Spain may make those harder to overcome.
Euro & Finance 30-03-2012

Finance ministers mull bigger bailout fund, Spanish aid

Increasing the eurozone rescue fund – and determining the extent to which Spain may need its help – will be under discussion today and tomorrow (30-31 March) as European finance ministers meet in Copenhagen.
Euro & Finance 27-02-2012

Merkel playing for time on eurozone firewall deal

Germany may not be ready to back an increase in Europe's bailout fund at a summit in Brussels this week, delaying efforts to meet international demands for Europe to strengthen its defences against the region's sovereign debt crisis.
Euro & Finance 13-01-2012

German activists in quest to stop euro bailouts

A 50-strong group of German activists are trying to derail the creation of a European Stability Mechanism (ESM), an EU decision which would immortalise loans granted to troubled economies, like Ireland, Greece – and now possibly Portugal. 
Future EU 17-02-2011

MEPs angered by ‘Franco-German approach’

European parliamentarians have reacted angrily to Franco-German plans to abandon the so-called 'Community method' and reform economic governance of the euro zone on an intergovernmental basis. EURACTIV.fr reports.