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Economy & Jobs 02-04-2019

EU watchdog gains new powers to fight money launderers

Member states on Monday (1 April) approved giving new powers to the European Banking Authority (EBA) to fight money laundering and terrorism financing, as part of an improvement of the European supervisory agencies (ESAs).
Economy & Jobs 21-09-2017

Commission wants bigger role for regulators in sustainable finance development

The European Commission has proposed giving the European Supervisory Authorities broader powers to determine what represents environmental, social and governance investment and to monitor banks’ activities in this field.
Euro & Finance 03-07-2014

Europe’s bank stress tests were unreliable, EU auditors say

The European Union’s banking supervisor did not have the staff or powers to successfully stress-test EU banks’ resilience to financial shocks, according to a European Court of Auditors’ report published yesterday (2 July).
Euro & Finance 02-02-2011

MEPs reject heads of EU bank watchdogs

Members of the European Parliament yesterday (1 February) sent the proposed heads of the EU's one-month old bank watchdogs packing as they complained the candidates were neither qualified nor influential enough for the job.
The City of London
Euro & Finance 10-02-2010

MEPs want large banks under EU thumb

Large cross-border financial institutions will be supervised by a new European authority acting through national regulators, according to draft reports from the European Parliament which establish a single rulebook for financial supervision in the EU.