About: European Works Councils (EWC)

Economy & Jobs 27-08-2021

EU Parliament enters the fray in workers’ push for co-determination

The European Parliament is seeking to put a stop to a perceived decline in workers’ participation in corporate decision-making – an issue that affects 190 million employees across Europe – and bring the European Commission to heel.
Economy & Jobs 02-03-2020

European Works Councils advocate a just transition into the future of work

In some ways, the future of work is already here, as digitisation and the drive to decarbonise have begun to change the face of employment. With radical changes to the workplace on the horizon, labour unions and other worker representatives want to chart a path that makes the transition fair for all involved.
Economy & Jobs 20-02-2018

Transnational company agreements – another form of social dialogue in Europe

Transnational company agreements, made within European multinationals have helped to Europeanise industrial relations. Although the European Commission views such agreements as an innovative tool for cooperation, it has yet to define a legal framework for them. EURACTIV.fr reports.

European workers’ rights up in the air

Conservative MEPs and businesses are equally upset about the changes Socialist deputies introduced to the text on European Works Councils this week, saying it went far beyond what social partners had agreed upon this summer. Doubts have now arisen as to the likelihood of it being adopted by member states before the end of the year.

Works Council: Špidla raises pressure on unions

In a statement to the European Parliament on 8 May 2008, Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimír Špidla said that Brussels will go ahead with the revision of the European Works Council (EWC) directive even if the European Trade Union Confederation continues to block social partners' negotiations on the matter.