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Brexit 24-01-2013

Cameron’s gamble

David Cameron’s promise of an in/out referendum leaves europhiles in Britain with a choice of two unattractive alternatives: a detached ‘outer lane’ vision of Britain’s place in Europe, or leaving the EU altogether, writes Mark Dawson.
Enlargement 21-12-2012

Bringing Turkey back to the EU debate

Shunned by the EU with membership talks effectively blocked, Turkey feels empowered. It is no longer on the European periphery, but at the centre of its own world, aruge Nathalie Tocci and Dimitar Bechev.
Elections 17-08-2012

The Netherlands is euro-pragmatic rather than eurosceptic

Among the Dutch public, both europhilia (though declining) and euroscepticism are present. The largest share, however, is rather of utilitarian inclination. Similar to the pragmatic parties, European integration is supported if it can effectively and efficiently handle the interests of a small trading country, writes Hans Vollaard.