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Road charging 29-05-2017

Transport minister: EU approval of German road toll was ‘irritating’

Austria's transport minister has vowed to take Germany to court over its new road toll law, arguing that it discriminates against drivers from other EU countries. He spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
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Road charging 28-03-2017

SkyToll CEO: Czech road toll ‘in flagrant violation’ of EU law

The situation with tolling in the Czech Republic is unlawful and could happen again if the European Commission doesn’t intervene, says Matej Okáli.
Violeta Bulc
Transport 06-10-2015

Bulc: ‘More needs to be done on transport pricing and taxation’

Good progress has been made on transport safety and security in the last four years, according to Violeta Bulc. But more work lies ahead when it comes to pricing, taxation and modal integration relying on digitised information systems, she said.
Road charging 20-09-2013

IRU boss: Europe must not suppress road transport

Road transport drives progress and prosperity all over the world, allowing trade and thus development to happen, Umberto de Pretto tells EURACTIV.
Transport 07-07-2008

Railways: ban on green tolls ‘absurd’ and ‘interventionist’

EU rules must be revised to enable governments to make truck drivers pay for the full costs they impose on society and the environment, insisted Johannes Ludewig, the executive director of the railway association CER, in an interview with EURACTIV. But he fears strong opposition from member states and extreme time pressure will lead to an unambitious outcome.
Transport 07-07-2008

MEP: Tajani ‘lame duck’ on greening transport

Green MEP Michael Cramer says the nomination of the Italian Antonio Tajani as transport commissioner is "a catastrophe" likely to result in a scaled-down fight against dirty road transport and its huge cost to the climate. 
Transport 07-07-2008

MEP: Eurovignette proposals too tough on roads

German MEP Georg Jarzembowski (EPP-ED) says Commission plans to green transport must also subject railways to "stringent measures", adding that the establishment of a voluntary framework rather than a mandatory scheme "just don't make sense".