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Politics 25-05-2021

Italian Eurovision winner returns negative test after drug furore

Damiano David, the flamboyant singer for Italy's Eurovision-winning rockers Maneskin, tested negative for drugs, the contest organisers said Monday (25 May), following a furore over speculation he snorted cocaine at the final.
Politics 21-05-2021

Tweets of the Week: Hungarian Block, Eurovision, Commission Press Plans

Hungary statement veto is met with derision, get out the glitter it’s time for Eurovision, and Commission and press corps on course for collision. 
Freedom of thought 28-11-2019

Hungarian media deny claims that Eurovision 2020 is ‘too gay’

Hungary will not take part in Eurovision 2020, the annual song contest that will take place in Rotterdam next year. Reports have emerged that the reason was the high number of LGBTQ+ participants, which goes going against the conservative views of Viktor Orbán's government.
Brexit 27-08-2019

Farage offers electoral pact if Johnson pursues ‘no deal’ Brexit

Nigel Farage has mooted the prospect of an election pact with Boris Johnson’s Conservative party, but only if the Prime Minister "summoned the courage" to pursue a no deal.
Politics 11-05-2018

Tweets of the Week: Trump Iran tears, Europe Day cheers, and Eurovision jeers

Worry over Trump’s Iran decision, Europe Day prompts love for the EU mission, and people go nuts over this year’s Eurovision.
Global Europe 11-05-2017

Eurovision shines spotlight on LGBT struggle in Ukraine

Ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest final in Kyiv, an extravaganza embraced by the LGBT community, Ukraine's "Celebrate Diversity" motto sounds more like wishful thinking than a fact of life.
Europe's East 23-03-2017

Ukraine-Russia conflict engulfs Eurovision song contest

The host of this year's Eurovision song contest, Ukraine, has banned Russia's entry from the country after it emerged that she performed in Crimea back in 2015.
Languages & Culture 11-05-2016

Duel between Russia and Ukraine marks 60 years of Eurovision

Will it be a fierce musical duel between geopolitical foes Russia and Ukraine? Or is it at last France's turn to melt hearts ― albeit singing in English ― at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm on Saturday (14 May)?
Europe's East 02-06-2015

Politics has always been at the heart of Eurovision

Eurovision is about spreading Europe’s values of tolerance and cooperation beyond its borders, write Quincy R. Cloet and Kerry Longhurst.  
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Economy & Jobs 08-10-2014

Conchita Wurst sings for equality in the European Parliament

Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst performed in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, as part of a campaign to fight discrimination and support equal rights across the EU.
Languages & Culture 21-05-2013

Germany’s Eurovision debacle ‘obviously political’, commentators say

Germans lamented their unexpectedly poor showing at the Eurovision Song Contest, blaming Chancellor Angela Merkel's tough stance in the eurozone crisis for their failure to win any points from 34 of the 39 countries voting.
Languages & Culture 08-03-2012

Armenia pulls out of Eurovision contest in Azerbaijan

In a sign of growing tensions over the frozen conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia announced it would pull out of the 2012 Eurovision song contest in Azerbaijan. The show, seen by some as a triumph of musical kitsch, was popular in Western Europe in the 1970s and '80s, and is now a big hype in Eastern Europe.
Languages & Culture 17-05-2011

Eurovision: English takes it all

An Azeri group performing in English won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest held in Düsseldorf last weekend with their song 'Running Scared'. Of this year's 25 finalists, 22 chose to perform in English.
Languages & Culture 31-05-2010

Eurovision brings German joy amid euro doubts

19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo on Saturday (29 May) brought some much-needed hope and joy to Germany at a time when Germans are fretting about the future of the euro, a fresh round of budget cuts and the cost of the Greek rescue.