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Politics 15-05-2022

Ukraine hopes to host 2023 Eurovision in ‘free’ Mariupol, amid technical challenges

After winning the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) on Saturday (14 May), Ukraine is expected to host the gala event next year, highlighting another symbol of its renewed European integration. However, with the war still raging in its territory, the prospect of holding the 2023 edition in Ukraine remains daunting.
Politics 14-05-2022

From Eurovision to the European Parliament: 3 contestants who made the big leap

Nana, Iva, and Dana: three singers whose voices have resonated from the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) to the plenary of the European Parliament.
Politics 14-05-2022

Politics cannot be avoided but impact on contest limited, says Eurovision organiser

It is naive to think cultural institutions can be wholly separated from what is happening in the world and the invasion of Ukraine was so extraordinary that it required an exceptional reaction, the head of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)...
Europe's East 13-05-2022

Why Eurovision is a big deal for Ukrainians – and not only this year

For Ukrainians, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) has always been deeply connected with political issues and claims. This year, the political contextualization became even sharper after the Russian invasion of the country.
Politics 12-05-2022

EURACTIV Archives: Five times Eurovision went political

Despite claims of being apolitical, year after year the Eurovision song contest never fails to disappoint political aficionados. As part of this year’s dedicated coverage, EURACTIV presents its selection from its archives of instances that highlight the special place this...
Politics 12-05-2022

Commissioner Dalli: Eurovision ‘undisputed element’ of European shared cultural identity

Artistic events bring people together, overcoming divisions and barriers, and as such, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is an "undisputed element" of the European shared cultural identity, which could this year help renew the call for peace on the continent, according to Maltese EU Commissioner Helena Dalli.