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Future EU 17-09-2018

Juncker’s dismal speech

At a time when Europe needs something to inspire the 2018 State of the Union speech disappointed, writes Dick Roche.
Future EU 18-01-2017

In a fractured Europe, two celebrations could make or break the Union

The celebration of the Euro anniversary in March will be an opportunity to counter anti-euro parties, writes Paul Wallace. But European leaders may also want to reflect on the anniversary of the Reformation, which undermined the Holy Roman Empire, seen by some historians as an early version of the EU.
Euro & Finance 13-10-2016

Joy and despair in European statistics

Europe needs more than temporary growth to boost its economy, write George Friedman and Antonia Colibasanu.
EU Priorities 2020 24-08-2016

Why we should talk more about Europe and less about the crisis

Why are the irregularities of the financial markets and immigration being grouped together as a solidarity crisis in Europe? Dr. Senka Neuman Stanivukovic and Jesse van Amelsvoort argue that the time is ripe for a more sober problematisation of current European politics.
Euro & Finance 02-03-2016

Is cohesion policy under threat?

Cohesion Policy, the European Union’s main investment policy tool, is soon to face a struggle for survival. One that could threaten the core values of solidarity and convergence of regional disparities on which the EU has been built up, write Nikos Lampropoulos and Francesco Molica.
Euro & Finance 23-02-2016

EU solves one problem and creates another

The deal that was necessary to keep the United Kingdom in the EU has also opened the door for other members to use referendums — or more likely, the threat of referendums — as a negotiating tactic, writes Stratfor, the global intelligence company.
Future EU 23-02-2016

Brexit and the ongoing saga of the EU

What has emerged in the last two years is a European Union where member states pay attention to European regulations only when it suits them, and an EU leadership that does nothing about it, writes George Friedman.
Future EU 22-02-2016

The EU could improve if it’s run like a business

The EU should reform by restarting just like an ailing company would, writes Seán Meehan. Seán Meehan is Professor of Marketing and Change Management at IMD. The EU summit saw the collective energies of senior politicians across the European Union...
Euro & Finance 06-07-2015

A Greek tragedy in the making

The 'No' vote in the Greek referendum on Sunday might be a hollow victory for Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, write Fabian Zuleeg and Janis A. Emmanouilidis.
Euro & Finance 09-03-2015

A solution for temporary debt mutualisation in the eurozone

The ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions Programme (OMT) has offered welcome relief for many eurozone countries struggling with high debt levels. But the destruction of capital market discipline bears considerable risks, write Clemens Fuest and Friedrich Heinemann. To address this, the authors propose the introduction of a new form of junior government bonds, "accountability bonds".
Mose Apelblat
Euro & Finance 09-02-2015

Tax evasion and anti-Semitism in Greece

The left-wing Syriza party and the right-wing or even ultra-nationalist Independent Greeks party make strange bedfellows, writes Mose Apelblat.
José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, gives a press conference on the 2014 country-specific recommendations. Brussels, 2 June. [Photo: EC]
EU Priorities 2020 20-10-2014

Europe’s unity is the best response to future challenges

Despite all of the challenges Europe faced in the last ten years, the continent remains united and open, and is now stronger and better able to face globalisation, writes José Manuel Barroso.
Economy & Jobs 26-09-2014

‘Whatever it takes’: Lessons from Draghi for Ukraine

EU policymakers, trying to handle the Ukraine crisis, can draw valuable lessons from the tactics employed by European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi, writes Jorge Mariscal and Nick Rice.
Michael Heise, Chief Economist at Allianz SE [Project Syndicate]
EU Priorities 2020 28-08-2014

A European lost decade?

Europe's economic woes resemble Japan’s situation in the 1990s, which led to a 'lost decade' of economic stagnation and deflation from which the country is still working to recover. Michael Heise asks whether Europe will suffer a similar fate.
Jean-Claude Juncker arrives in the European Parliament for political group hearings, Brussels, 8 July 2014 ["© European Union 2014 - European Parliament]

Juncker and a Revival of the ‘European Social Model’?

Juncker’s plans to relax austerity and assess the social impact of structural reforms suggests that a revival of the ‘European social model’ is in the making. But what does that mean, asks Leticia Díez Sánchez.
File d'attente.

The EU’s misdiagnosis of youth unemployment

Europe is in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Second World War, leaving a generation of youngsters unemployed. A new approach is required if we are to avoid a devastating impact on social welfare, writes Erik Bjørsted.

New fund supporting the most deprived is important but insufficient

Europe is facing a social crisis that requires immediate responses as well as long term initiatives. Material support as emergency relief is needed, while long term efforts to boost social inclusion must continue, five social NGOs write.
Euro & Finance 06-12-2013

The great recession, the dismal recovery and the silent depression

If there ever was a time in recent years when the inadequacy of our metrics of societal success was on full display, it is the “dismal recovery” we see in both the US and Europe. The gap between politics and citizens is of serious consequence for democracy on each side of the Atlantic, writes Éloi Laurent.
Elections 30-09-2013

Germany and the EU: a new cycle?

A new coalition in Germany may revamp its EU policy towards more commitment. The country's partners will have to get a better grasp of its concerns, but the new constellation can foster further progress in Europe, write Jacques Delors, Antonio Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini.
Future EU 10-07-2013

Welcome to Europe’s painful new normal

Europe’s new normal is a state of affairs in which the post-war integrationist zeal and sense of togetherness is gone, writes Jan Techau.
Elections 26-06-2013

Dear #EU Leaders: #changeEU is in the air

The EU may not be on the verge of a revolution, but it should realise that a sparkle can ignite in a matter of days or even hours a town, a whole country and further, writes Radu Magdin. 
Euro & Finance 13-05-2013

Geopolitical journey: Europe, the glorious and the banal

Analysing Europe's economic crisis it is worth realising that today’s Europeans have entered a phase of history where the buccaneering spirit has left them. “The desire for knowledge has separated itself from the hunger we have for wealth and glory”, writes George Friedman.
Euro & Finance 25-03-2013

Greece’s problem is Europe’s problem

Europe must prevent Greece from becoming an out-and-out humanitarian catastrophe and make sure that the same fiscal 'remedy' is not applied to other weak economies, says MEP Franziska Brantner.
Euro & Finance 18-12-2012

A difficult year ends on a promising note

The eurozone’s financial markets end this year in a much better shape than they did last year, but this gain rests on the promise that real progress towards banking union will be achieved in the coming year, writes Daniel Gros.