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Meaningful vote, Adamowicz, and the eurozone turns 20
Brexit 18-01-2019

Tweets of the Week: Meaningful vote, Adamowicz, and the eurozone turns 20

This week, Theresa May thrashed by her peers, mayor’s murder brings Gdansk to tears and the Euro celebrates 20 years. This episode is supported by ACCA.
Economy & Jobs 23-06-2015

Eurozone leaders hopeful of Greek deal

On Monday, Eurozone leaders welcomed new Greek budget proposals and called them a 'positive step forward' towards finding an agreement with Athens that would unlock frozen aid and stop Greece from defaulting.
Euro & Finance 11-06-2015

Tusk tells Greece : The game is over

Greece has no more time for "gambling" and needs to decide on a cash-for-reforms deal, European Council President Donald Tusk said on Thursday (11 June), ahead of a crucial meeting of euro zone finance ministers in Luxembourg next week.
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Economy & Jobs 06-03-2015

Schulz asks Spain and Greece to work ‘in a spirit of cooperation’

“We have to work together in a spirit of cooperation,” said European Parliament President Martin Schulz after Madrid and Athens had a war of words last week over Greece's extension of its bailout programme.
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Economy & Jobs 25-02-2014

EU forecasts mild economic growth, warns of high unemployment

'Recovery in the European Union is gaining ground'. With this message, EU commissioner Olli Rehn launched the bloc's winter economic forecast, showing higher growth in Europe than previously expected. Speaking at the European Parliament on Tuesday, Rehn said that the 18 eurozone countries would grow by 1.2% this year and 1.8% in 2015. But warning that signs of recovery are still 'modest', Rehn also highlighted that unemployment across the bloc remains too high.
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Future EU 24-02-2014

Stubb: Finland punches above its weight in the EU

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV's journalist Henriette Jacobsen, Finland's European affairs minister Alexander Stubb emphasised that his country had benefitted tremendously from being an EU member state, not least economically, and was punching above its weight.
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Economy & Jobs 14-10-2013

Eurozone ministers to say who pays for banks’ clean up

Eurozone countries will consider today (14 October) how to pay for the repair of their broken banks after health checks next year, which are expected to uncover problems that have festered since the financial crisis.
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Economy & Jobs 05-09-2013

Third bailout for Greece ‘realistic’, says Eurogroup’s chief

Greece might need additional financial support from the eurozone beyond 2014, when the current rescue loan programmes end. Speaking at the European Parliament on Thursday, Eurogroup's president Jeroen Dijsselbloem said it was 'realistic' to expect a third bailout for Athens before it can regain market access.
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Banking union 28-06-2013

Finance ministers strike deal to stem bank bailouts

European finance ministers agreed on Thursday (26 June) to force investors and wealthy savers to share the costs of future bank failures, moving to put an end to unpopular taxpayer-funded bailouts that prompted outrage during the financial crisis.
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Euro & Finance 05-03-2013

Eurogroup to agree Cyprus bailout by end of March

Eurozone finance ministers pledged on Monday to agree a bailout for Cyprus by the end of March. The total bailout could be up to €17 billion. The Eurogroup said that while Europe is ready to help the island, details on how the potential rescue will be financed are yet to be worked out.
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Economy & Jobs 09-10-2012

Eurogroup launches permanent rescue fund, says Spain does not need bailout

Eurozone's new permanent rescue fund was launched on Monday at a meeting of finance ministers in Luxembourg. Funded by taxpayers' money, the so-called European Stability Mechanism will have a 500 bn euro budget to help finance debt-ridden countries.
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Economy & Jobs 13-03-2012

With Greek rescue approved, Eurozone focus shifts to Spain

Eurozone finance ministers on Monday approved a second bail-out fund of130 billion euros for Greece. The deal comes after Greece managed to secure the biggest debt writedown in history. In a move that has saved the country 100 billion euros, private investors exchanged their bonds for new ones worth half their value. President of the Europgroup Jean-Claude Juncker said that the PSI agreement will see Greece's debt falling even below the original target. As Greece's problems have lost urgency, the Euro group turned its attention to Spain.
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Central Europe 12-01-2012

Barroso warns Hungary it needs to comply with EU laws

The European Union will make sure that Hungary complies with all the bloc's laws, the head of the bloc's executive promised on Thursday. Hungary's conservative government is under fire for a series of new laws and constitutional amendments which critics say unduly concentrate powers on a range of matters - from finances to election law - with the administration.
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Economy & Jobs 27-10-2011

Eurosummit: post-game analysis

European leaders achieved a breakthrough early on Thursday to write off half of Greece's debt and seek foreign capital to double the eurozone's bailout fund to around €1 trillion. But crucial details on the fund's size were left for finance ministers to decide end of November.
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Euro & Finance 29-08-2011

Trichet eases euro liquidity worries

The European Parliament on Monday expressed broad support and full confidence in the way that the European Central Bank is handling what he says it the worst financial crisis since the second World War. Addressing a packed committee-room in Brussels, ECB chief Jean-Claude Trichet reiterated his view on the need for even more stringent budget reforms in the countries that have adopted the euro.