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  • EU discusses plan to counter bioterrorism

    News | Agrifood 16-11-2001

    The Commission and representatives of the
    pharmaceutical industry have discussed plans this week for an
    EU-wide strategy to ensure production, supply and availability
    of medicinal products for preventing or treating the effects of
    a biological attack. The Commission and industry
    representatives explored mechanisms that could be set up to
    counter possible attacks by biological agents such as Anthrax
    or Smallpox.

  • EU fears exclusion from peace talks on Afghanistan

    News | Global Europe 14-11-2001

    The United Nations has called for a two-year
    transitional government for Afghanistan backed by a
    multinational security force after the Taliban forces fled the
    Afghan capital Kabul. While world leaders said the UN should
    have a leading role in the pacification of Afghanistan, EU
    diplomats expressed fears that Europe will be left out of the
    peace talks.

  • Prodi calls for common EU border security body

    News | Enlargement 13-11-2001

    President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, called for the creation of a European border security body on Monday. In a key speech to the post-graduate College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium), Mr Prodi has criticised the Member States for delaying the economic reforms, necessary to complete the EU's internal market.

  • Schuessel leads “small country” criticism of Blair diplomacy

    News | Security 09-11-2001

    Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel continued
    the chorus of criticism of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's
    apparent attempts to exclude the EU's smaller members from
    decision-making in the fight against terrorism.

  • German government to face crisis over troop deployment?

    News | Security 08-11-2001

    German cabinet approval on 7 November of the deployment of troops in support of the US-led war in Afghanistan threatens to cause a crisis in the Social Democrat-Green coalition. Getting cabinet approval for the deployment was a significant personal success for German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, but the decision must be approved in the Parliament (Bundestag). A number of Social Democrat and Green representatives have said they will vote against the deployment of German troops.

  • US and EU agree on further measures to fight bioterror

    News | Security 08-11-2001

    The US and the EU agreed on 7 November at a
    meeting in Ottawa to work more closely to combat the threat of
    bioterrorism. Reuters reports that, along with Japan, Canada,
    France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and the UK, they agreed to
    improve research co-operation and look into the possibility of
    jointly acquiring vaccines and antibiotics.

  • East European leaders discuss fight against terrorism

    News | Security 06-11-2001

    Leaders of 16 Eastern European countries meet in Warsaw on 6 November to co-ordinate their counter-terrorism fight. The regional summit is expected to express full support for the US-led anti-terrorism campaign in Afghanistan following the 11 September attacks in New York and Washington.

  • Blair initiative highlights EU sensitivities

    News | Security 05-11-2001

    An unprecedented informal meeting of EU leaders
    at a dinner hosted by British Prime Minister Tony Blair on 4
    November discussed the war in Afghanistan and the situation in
    the Middle East. Original invitees German Chancellor Gerhard
    Schröder, French President Jacques Chirac and French Prime
    Minister Lionel Jospin were joined by the leaders of Italy,
    Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands after they complained about
    their exclusion.

  • US asks EU for co-operation in fight against terrorism

    News | Security 26-10-2001

    The EU has made public a list of US requests for co-operation in their fight against international terrorism. Washington presented a list of 47 requests for co-operation with the EU, including intelligence sharing and freezing of terrorist assets.

  • Commissioner Byrne calls for defence against bioterrorism

    News | Agrifood 24-10-2001

    Commissioner for health and consumer protection, David Byrne, called for an urgent review of EU defence mechanisms against potential bioterrorism attacks on its food chain. The commissioner told EU ministers of agriculture in Luxembourg on 23 October that he would talk to several ministers of health later this week to discuss relevant defence mechanisms.

  • Concerns over nuclear safety in wake of terrorist attacks

    News | Energy 23-10-2001

    The European Parliament debated in its plenary session on 22 October the issue of safety of nuclear plants and large industrial installation in case of a terrorist attack. Commissioner Vitorino told MEPs that the Commission is planning new safety measures including a ban on flights over nuclear power plants.

  • Ghent Summit highlights tensions

    News | Security 22-10-2001

    The informal European Council in Ghent on 19 October highlighted growing tensions between Member States over US military action in Afghanistan. It also tempered apparent progress on issues such as a European arrest warrant and anti-money laundering measures with the realisation that a number of practical obstacles must still be overcome before these can come into effect.

  • Fight against terrorism to dominate EU summit of Ghent

    News | Security 19-10-2001

    The international campaign against terrorism is
    likely to dominate the agenda of the informal EU summit of
    Ghent on Friday, 19 October. The formal agenda includes the
    launch of the euro, the future of the EU and enlargement.
    However, the 11 September terrorist attacks in the US made
    security issues the top priority for Europe.

  • Foreign ministers discuss future of post-Taliban Afghanistan

    News | Security 18-10-2001

    Foreign ministers of the 15 EU Member States
    expressed concern for the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan
    and discussed the future of the country in the event of the
    removal of the Taliban regime. At an extraordinary meeting in
    Luxembourg on 17 October, the ministers adopted a plan for the
    Union's future dealings with Afghanistan.

  • EU ministers take new measures against terrorism

    News | Security 16-10-2001

    European Union ministers of finance and justice
    will discuss new measures to prevent the funding of terrorism
    at an extraordinary meeting in Luxembourg on 16 October. The EU
    is expected to impose heavy financial sanctions against
    financial institutions and countries suspected of laundering
    money and to finalise the European arrest warrant

  • EU countries take measures in the face of anthrax scares

    News | Agrifood 15-10-2001

    The European Commission and EU Member States
    have adopted a number of measures to counter the threat of
    bio-terrorist attacks after Europe and the US have been hit by
    several anthrax scares. US experts believe the anthrax
    discovered in these cases is not the laboratory-made type that
    would be used in a biological terrorist attack.

  • Commission adopts action plan against bio and nuclear terrorism

    News | Agrifood 12-10-2001

    The European Commission has adopted an action
    plan to respond to potential threats of bio and nuclear
    terrorism on Friday, 12 October. The US and European nations
    are stepping up measures to counter bio-terrorism amidst
    intelligence warnings that terrorists may be preparing to use
    biochemical weapons in further attacks.

  • EU prepares for threat of bio-terrorism

    News | Agrifood 11-10-2001

    The European Commission will discuss
    precautionary measures to deal with the threat of biological
    warefare against EU Member States on Thursday, 11 October. The
    US and European nations are stepping up measures to counter
    bio-terrorism amidst intelligence warnings that terrorists may
    be preparing to use biochemical weapons in further

  • Geopolitical issues of the US attack on Afghanistan

    News | Security 09-10-2001

    The US has launched a second round of airstrikes
    against Afghan targets on Monday 8 October. In Europe, some
    political commentators are expressing doubts about the
    effectiveness and the geopolitical opportunity of the American
    "war on terrorism"

  • EU plans for post-Taliban Afghanistan

    News | Security 09-10-2001

    The EU foreign ministers called on the United
    Nations to set up a new, truly representative transitional
    government in Afghanistan. Britain, France and Germany put
    forward their own proposals for the future of war-torn
    Afghanistan, oppressed by the Taliban regime.

  • EU members discuss common border police

    News | Enlargement 09-10-2001

    Officials from Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Finland are meeting in Brussels on 15 October to discuss the possible creation of common European border police. The initiative to set up common border controls is part of the drive to improve the security of the EU's external border in the perspective of its eastward expansion.

  • Attacks on Afghanistan: EU reactions

    News | Security 08-10-2001

    The US has launched retaliatory attacks against
    the Afghan Taliban on Sunday 7 October. Commission President
    Prodi and several EU leaders expressed their support for the
    fight against terrorism, but stated that this "fight is not
    against religions or peoples".

  • EU foreign ministers to adopt further counter-terrorism measures

    News | Security 08-10-2001

    The foreign ministers of the 15 EU Member
    States, meeting in Brussels on Monday, 8 October, are expected
    to pass further counter-terrorism measures. The Belgian
    Presidency of the Union plans to issue a political statement
    confirming the EU's determination to play its full role in the
    global anti-terrorism campaign.

  • MEPs approve the freezing of terrorist assets

    News | Security 05-10-2001

    The European Parliament approved a regulation on
    4 October that will enable EU Member States to freeze terrorist
    accounts across Europe and restrict the financing of terrorism.
    The European Commission proposed a regulation on 2 October that
    EU Member States block all funds held by organisations and
    individuals suspected of supporting and financing terrorist