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Public Affairs 29-10-2008

Interview: Finance, climate to boost ‘EU-US cooperation’

The ongoing financial turmoil and cooperation on climate change will shape relations between the EU and the US after the 4 November presidential elections, argues Tom Spencer, the executive director of the European Centre for Public Affairs, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 29-10-2008

Spencer: Joint EU-US action on crisis ‘inevitable’

Joint action from the EU and US to address the financial crisis "must inevitably precede global cooperation," argues Tom Spencer, the executive director of the European Centre for Public Affairs, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Energy 18-06-2007

Energy security and Iran: Assessing the transatlantic divide

A new chapter offered by the election of President Sarkozy in France and the elevation of Gordon Brown to UK prime minister provides a chance of better transatlantic relations over Iran and energy security, claims Simon Henderson – director of the Gulf and Energy Policy Programme at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – in a June essay for the Transatlantic Institute.
Security 07-07-2006

Parliament wants information on SWIFT-CIA data transfer

The Parliament has called upon member states' governments and EU institutions to investigate the transfer of data concerning international payments to US secret services, and to disclose how much they knew about the practice.
Trade & Society 20-04-2006

EP Committee votes to smoothen transatlantic trade

As opposition to more trade liberalisation grows in the US Congress, MEPs have voted for a transatlantic market without barriers to be implemented within the next ten years.
Trade & Society 28-06-2004

EU-US summit plays down past differences

George Bush has said the rift between the US and several European states over the Iraq war was over. The EU and the US have adopted joint statements and signed an agreement on satellite cooperation.
Trade & Society 25-06-2004

International consumer groups boycott EU-US summit

International CEOs will meet Presidents Bush and Prodi to discuss a barrier-free transatlantic market at the EU-US summit. Consumers' unions are boycotting the summit after being declined direct assess to top leaders.
Competition 28-11-2003

EU and US celebrate 50 years of partnership amid transatlantic tensions

Transatlantic relations still under strain as a CEPS symposium and a reception by the US Mission on 25 November mark 50 years of EU-US partnership.
Security 18-11-2003

EU and US reach customs agreement on container security

The Commission's DG Taxation and US Ambassador to the EU, Rockwell Schnabel, initialled an agreement for closer co-operation on transport security on 18 November.
Climate change 17-11-2003

EU and developing countries oppose US requests on increased use of ozone harming pesticide

No consensus could be reached on granting the US exemptions from the requirement to phase out methyl bromide during the UN conference on the Montreal Protocol (MOP-15) held in Nairobi (Kenya) from 10-14 November 2003.
Trade & Society 17-11-2003

US aerospace trade head slams EU’s “belligerence”

The President of the Aerospace Industries Association, John Douglass, believes that the EU's "belligerence" over steel tariffs and tax reform could harm commercial aviation trade.
Climate change 10-11-2003

EU and US to clash over phase-out of methyl bromide

A new environmental conflict between the US and the EU is looming over the 15th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP-15) held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 10-14 November 2003.
Security 25-06-2003

EU, US to sign extradition agreement

As part of a flurry of joint initiatives aimed at improving bilateral relations in the shadow of the Iraq conflict, the EU and the US will sign an agreement on extradition in Washington on 25 June.
Security 23-06-2003

EU looks to bridge gap with US

The EU's leaders are rethinking their relations with the US after the Iraq war and plan to use the EU-US summit in Washington on 25 June to refocus priorities.
Trade & Society 26-07-2002

EU-US Economic Disputes: There is More to Trade than Goods and Services

EU-US Economic Disputes: There is More to Trade than Goods and Services Natalie Kuehler examines the latest developments in EU-US trade disputes and argues that recent controversy in this field reflects growing cultural and social differences on the two sides...
Trade & Society 18-07-2002

Trans-Atlantic trade disputes – From conflict to crisis?

Trans-Atlantic trade disputes – From conflict to crisis? Natalie Kuehler examines the latest developments in EU-US trade disputes and argues that recent controversy in this field reflects growing cultural and social differences on the two sides of the Atlantic WTO...
Trade & Society 19-12-2001

EU and US agree on interim solution in copyright dispute

The EU and the US agreed on a temporary solution of their dispute over music copyright. They have agreed on a process that will result in a US financial contribution to support projects and activities for the benefit of European music creators.
Trade & Society 18-10-2001

EU and US clash over GE-Honeywell merger ban

Competition Commissioner Mario Monti was seriously attacked by a senior US antitrust official for banning General Electric's proposed merger with Honeywell. The clash, which took place at an international antitrust conference at the Paris headquarters of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, underlines growing tensions between the two blocs over antitrust regulation.
Trade & Society 10-10-2001

Many outstanding disputes in EU-US trade relations

The publication of the EU's annual US trade barriers report highlighted the large number of outstanding trade disputes that remain between the two trading partners. Whilst there were notable successes during the past year, such as the resolution of the long-running bananas dispute, the EU still takes issue with a large number of US trade measures, including the Helms-Burton Act and foreign sales corporations (FSCs).
Trade & Society 14-09-2001

GE-Honeywell appeal against blocked merger

US companies General Electric and Honeywell International have decided to bring their blocked merger case before the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg.

Survey highlights European suspicions of Bush

A survey of public opinion in France, Germany, Italy and the UK has revealed that Europeans are overwhelmingly opposed to the foreign policies and actions of US President George Bush. The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center for the International Herald Tribune and the US Council on Foreign Relations, says that 70% of people in each country see President Bush's decisions as based solely on US interests.
Trade & Society 09-08-2001

US companies ask Bush to settle trade dispute

The chief executives of 74 of the largest companies in the US have sent a letter to President Bush requesting that he settle the trade dispute with the EU over tax breaks for US exporters as soon as possible. Among the signatories of the letter were the chief executives of Boeing, Exxon, General Motors and Walt Disney. They want the Bush administration to either appeal the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling against the tax breaks or negotiate with the EU to avoid the imposition of sanctions.
Trade & Society 07-08-2001

Rum deal trips up EU

The WTO has ruled against the EU in a case brought over the trademark rights for a brand of Cuban rum. The EU had argued that a US law designed to protect the rights of companies whose trademarks were confiscated by the Cuban government following the revolution was incompatible with the trade related intellectual property rights (TRIPS) agreement.
Trade & Society 02-08-2001

Appeal against blocked GE-Honeywell merger?

General Electric considers challenging the European Commission's decision to block its merger with Honeywell International. The American industry giant might want to bring the case before the Court of Justice in Luxembourg to keep its options open for future acquisitions.