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MEPs adopt new laws to stop foreign fighters at EU borders

Lawmakers strongly voted in favour of new anti-terror legislation on Thursday (16 February), in a move to prevent further attacks as the ones carried out in Paris and Brussels in the past two years.
Euro & Finance 02-02-2017

Greens slam Commission for blocking Panama Papers probe

MEPs from the Greens/EFA group voiced frustration today (2 February) with being blocked in their investigation of the Panama Papers and on the ways in which money laundering and tax evasion are made possible in the European Union.
Euro & Finance 07-10-2015

EU finance ministers approve new tax transparency rules

EU finance ministers approved the automatic sharing of information on tax rulings between member states on 6 October, in a bid to cut tax competition. EURACTIV France reports
Technology 22-10-2014

Italian-Polish partnership to safeguard personal data in EU

Giovanni Buttarelli is to become the new European Data Protection Supervisor, with Wojciech Rafa? Wiewiórowski as his second in command. This discreet institution will play an increasingly powerful role in European policy. EURACTIV France reports
EU Elections 2014 21-05-2014

Green Party promises to fight tax evasion in Europe

 In an effort to highlight tax evasion in Europe, the French Green Party is organising a guided tour of tax evasion hotspots in Paris (May 20). The Green Party criticises the Financial Transaction Tax, advocates for greater financial transparency, and claims Pierre Moscovici would make a bad commissioner. EURACTIV France reports.