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Digital & Media 30-11-2021

DSA: Re-establishing trust in the internet society

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is a horizontal legislative proposal to regulate the digital ecosystem at large. By safeguarding the rights of internet users, this new legislative framework will play a key role in rebuilding trust in the internet society....
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Health 30-11-2021

Why the EU should boost Patient Blood Management implementation in Europe and align EU legislation with WHO guidance

There are many reasons for the EU to take a greater role in preserving blood – including one’s blood –  to improve patients’ lives. The window of opportunity is here to support EU countries improve health systems, policies and practices...
Economy & Jobs 29-11-2021

A just transition for workers

The transition towards a fossil-free economy will require regions, companies, and workers to adapt to new realities. Many risk losing out from these changes, and workers are especially vulnerable. A policy dialogue and a policy study organised by the Friedrich...

The future of affordable housing

The affordability of housing in Europe was already a matter of concern before the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020 and has now reached crisis proportions, campaigners say.
Transport 26-11-2021

Clearing chemical and conventional munitions from the sea

Tonnes of dangerous chemical and conventional munitions were dumped into Europe’s seas following the end of the world wars, which today pose a serious risk to marine life and seafarers. Lawmakers are pushing the EU to take urgent action to clean up seabeds and ensure Europe's waters are safe from hazards.
Global Europe 24-11-2021

EU-Uzbekistan relations on the move

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Uzbekistan held presidential elections on Sunday (24 October) amid little doubt that incumbent Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who has opened the Central Asian country to the world in recent years, will be re-elected for another five-year term.
Health 18-11-2021

An animal-free path towards EU’s sustainable chemical ambitions

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Presented in October 2020, the EU chemicals strategy for sustainability is intended as a first step towards a zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment as a key part of the European Green Deal. While its unveiling was widely welcomed...

Green and digital: Europe’s twin transitions

The European Commission is placing its hopes on digital innovation as one of the driving forces behind the EU’s shift to a zero-carbon economy. In this special report, EURACTIV looks at the opportunities and challenges related to the EU’s “twin...
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Health 02-11-2021

Rare Diseases in the EU: Learning from Spinal Muscular Atrophy

There are 6,000 rare diseases identified to date and an estimated 30 million people living with a rare disease in Europe alone. Furthermore, there is no approved treatment for 95 percent of rare diseases. These staggering numbers demonstrate the urgent...

Diabetes in the EU between awareness and access to care

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Diabetes remains a major public health concern despite the efforts to increase awareness and reverse its relentless spread in Europe.
Agrifood 26-10-2021

Delivering on CAP strategic plans

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The reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aims to have a more flexible, performance- and results-based approach that takes into account local conditions and needs while increasing the level of EU ambitions in terms of sustainability.
Economy & Jobs 26-10-2021

International taxation and green public investments

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A recent event hosted by a range of think tanks looked at current fiscal policy challenges. As public finance plays a role in the transition towards a green economy, it is crucial to examine how the public purse can access...
Health 22-10-2021

Life with SMA: challenges and solutions

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Despite steady advancements in the past years, gaps in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) care persist across the bloc.
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Health 20-10-2021

Staying at the forefront of alternatives to animal testing

The EU is leading the way in protecting animals used for scientific purposes and transitioning to chemical safety assessment using alternative methods. But how can we remain in pole position and accelerate our move away from conventional animal tests? Maurice...
Economy & Jobs 19-10-2021

EU-China trade in troubled waters

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Trade between the EU and China encounters political issues as global tensions rise and climate change mitigation measures are destined to influence patterns of production and exchange. At the same time, economic developments in both China and Europe seem highly...
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Economy & Jobs 19-10-2021

From Chinese companies: open, fair environment is key, dialogue should prevail

The Chinese business community’s message to the EU is clear: an open and non-discriminatory business environment is key while bilateral cooperation and dialogues should always prevail. Xu Haifeng is the Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU...
Health 13-10-2021

The future of biotech in Europe

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A fairly recent but already fast-growing industry, the biotech sector seeks to claim a role in Europe as a catalyst for growth in the aftermath of the COVID-crisis.

EU forest strategy

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In its forest strategy tabled in July, the European Commission has underlined the crucial role played by forests in absorbing carbon dioxide and meeting the EU's climate targets, setting out plans to plant 3 billion trees before the end of the decade.
Economy & Jobs 30-08-2021

Putting sustainability at the heart of the EU’s trade agenda

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The question of how to put sustainability at the heart of the EU's trade policy, and retain public public support for it, has become a vital issue for EU policymakers.
Economy & Jobs 16-07-2021

Young Europeans take federal Union into their own hands

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As the Conference on the Future of Europe gains momentum, young Europeans immersed themselves in simulation of federal European structures. The project "Y-FED: Europe is what you make of it" implemented a new bloc constitution written by European youth in 2017, a dry run of a possible new Union, with federal institutions.
Global Europe 28-06-2021

Paths to peace ten years after the Arab Spring

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Ten years after the Arab Spring, the democratic impulse that drove the ousting of regimes appears to be in retreat. Instead, extremist groups, gender based violence, and high levels of economic and social deprivation, and now the Covid pandemic, threaten...
Agrifood 24-06-2021

Next generation livestock farming: technology and tomorrow’s farmers

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While livestock farmers already use a range of innovative tools and technologies to help ease their workload, new precision livestock farming technologies go a step further, paving the way for a digital transformation in animal health. From detection and monitoring...
Digital & Media 16-06-2021

Unleashing the power of data

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Data is the critical resource of the digital age. As data is an inextricable part of virtually all digital technologies, Europe’s approach to data governance will largely affect EU digital priorities. The way data is managed, stored and processed in...

Energy transition in the Western Balkans

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As the European Union adopts tougher climate goals for 2030, aiming for net-zero emissions by mid-century, the bloc's next-door neighbours in the Western Balkans are struggling to keep up and face growing difficulties in the transition to a green economy.