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Road to net-zero: The implications for energy

Emissions from energy production and consumption must reach net-zero by 2050 if Europe is to meet its objective of reaching "climate neutrality" by mid-century. In this special report, EURACTIV examines the implications for the electricity sector and the energy system as a whole.
Health 24-06-2022

The impact of climate change on respiratory diseases

Climate change has proven to have serious effects on human health, with changes in the air we breathe particularly affecting people with respiratory diseases.
Health 17-06-2022

Golden years: Opportunities for Europe’s ageing population

Europe's population is greying. By 2040, 155 million people are expected to be over 65. While this demographic change is often framed in a negative light, this can also be seen as an opportunity.

Solar thermal: En route to 2030

With its Solar Energy Strategy adopted on 18 May, the European Commission intends to massively scale up the deployment of solar energy across the EU and put an end to Europe's dependence on fossil fuels.

Nature restoration

The European Commission plans to propose a nature restoration law this summer with the aim of reversing the drastic decline of biodiversity in Europe. In this special report, EURACTIV gives a preview of what the new law might contain.
Transport 09-06-2022

Decarbonising the commercial road transport sector

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Battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles offer a promising clean alternative for the commercial road transport sector. However, many operators are reluctant to adopt the new technology given the slow rollout of recharging stations across Europe.
Agrifood 08-06-2022

Food security in times of crisis

In this Event Report, EURACTIV's agrifood team takes a closer look at food security in this time of crisis and the response at the EU level.
Politics 07-06-2022

Liberals look to Europe’s future

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Europe’s liberal political family, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, held their first in-person annual Congress since the COVID-19 pandemic in Dublin. Their Congress, which started on 2 June and was attended by Prime Ministers, EU commissioners and...
Economy & Jobs 30-05-2022

The challenges faced by the European metal, engineering and tech industry

Ceemet, the employers’ association of the metal, engineering and technology-based industries at a European level, is celebrating its 60th birthday at a time of fast technological change and an insecure trade environment. Prices are skyrocketing, skill requirements for the workforce...
Health 16-05-2022

Cardiovascular disease: Not only about lifestyle?

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According to European Commission data, there are more than six million new cases and over 1.8 million cardiovascular disease-related deaths in the EU. In this event report, EURACTIV will examine the different proposals patients and industry stakeholders suggest for Europe to face its "number one killer".
Health 28-04-2022

A new phase of COVID-19 fight

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Since the first wave of COVID-19, the EU has been working on strengthening its response to the pandemic outbreak. But now it is ready to face a new phase.

Wind power’s contribution to Europe’s energy independence

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As Europe looks to break away from its dependence on Russian fossil fuels, renewable energy, like wind power, could be part of the answer. EU countries are keen to increase their renewable energy capacity. However, slow permitting procedures and issues...
Technology 04-04-2022

The role of tech in EU sustainability

Technology and sustainability are becoming increasingly intertwined in both policy and practice but negotiating the relationship between the two is complex.
Health 21-03-2022

Untapping personalised medicine potential 

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Tailor-made prevention and treatment strategies for individuals are considered among the most promising breakthroughs in the European Health Union, launched in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic to reshape the way healthcare is dealt with across the bloc. The emerging...
Technology 07-03-2022

Addressing the digital gender divide

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Gender inequalities in STEM fields and the digital sector were identified decades ago and while some steps have been taken to address these, stark imbalances persist and in many cases, the divide begins from an early age.
Technology 08-02-2022

Diversity in the media: representing the EU’s inclusion agenda

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The value of diverse representation throughout the media is widely recognised but is often not reflected on or off-screen. Recent European Commission initiatives have touched on the importance of the media sector, but there are still calls for further action at the industry and national level.
Health 01-02-2022

Rethinking blood sustainability within the EU

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The lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis and the upcoming revision of the EU's legislative framework on blood, tissues, and cells offer a window of opportunity to rethink blood sustainability in Europe.
Agrifood 23-12-2021

Accelerating climate smart agriculture in Africa

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Between climate change, food insecurity, poverty, and environmental degradation, agriculture in Africa faces many challenges. To rise to these, African farmers are increasingly looking to implement climate-smart agricultural practices. Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an integrated approach to managing landscape, including...
Transport 16-12-2021

Green laws and the EU’s road transport sector

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In July, the European Commission unveiled a package of green laws aimed at cutting the EU’s carbon emissions by 55% by 2030. In this special report, EURACTIV looks at the impact the so-called "Fit for 55" package will have on the road transport sector.
Politics 09-12-2021

The importance of teaching Europe’s past

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It matters how Europe teaches its past, and the importance of history teaching has been thrown into sharp focus by the emergence during the Covid pandemic of conspiracy theories and scapegoating of communities that echo the darker periods of Europe’s...
Energy 09-12-2021

Energy efficiency

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With the European Green Deal, the EU is increasing its climate ambition and aims to lower energy use by 9% below 2020 levels before the end of the decade. In this special report, EURACTIV looks at European Commission plans to ramp up energy savings.
Global Europe 08-12-2021

Post-pandemic recovery, a chance for renewed multilateralism?

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Post-pandemic recovery has emerged as an opportunity for global governance, putting people and respect for human rights at the centre of the process.
Agrifood 08-12-2021

Putting words into action: Bridging the gender gap in the agrifood sector

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Women are being increasingly recognised for their role as sustainability leaders in the field of agriculture. But despite a concerted push to encourage women to enter the field, the number of women in the agrifood world still remains low. In...
Technology 30-11-2021

DSA: Re-establishing trust in the internet society

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The Digital Services Act (DSA) is a horizontal legislative proposal to regulate the digital ecosystem at large. By safeguarding the rights of internet users, this new legislative framework will play a key role in rebuilding trust in the internet society....