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Global Europe 12-11-2019

Russia condemns fall of Bolivia’s Morales, EU calls for calm

Russia on Monday (11 November) said the resignation of Evo Morales as Bolivian president looked like the result of a coup, while the European Union called for restraint on all sides.
Global Europe 14-03-2017

EU and Bolivia at odds over new coca leaf law

Bolivian President Evo Morales is confident of defusing tensions with the EU after his country passed a law increasing the amount of coca plant that can be legally cultivated. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Global Europe 15-01-2016

EU lodges complaint against Bolivia over referendum campaign

The European Union’s delegation to Bolivia has lodged a protest with the government for its use of an image of its ambassador, Timothy Torlot, in a referendum campaign that will decide if President Evo Morales may stand again in 2019.
Development Policy 12-01-2016

Dakar Rally’s environmental impact criticised

The Dakar Rally is currently tearing its way across South America, where it is generating controversy for its significant environmental and social impact, particularly in Bolivia, where nature protection is enshrined in the so-called "Mother Earth" law. EURACTIV's partner El País - Planeta Futuro reports.
Agrifood 24-11-2015

Civil society could force governments to stick to their climate commitments

Civil society is making increasing use of national courts to enforce international environmental agreements. Even a non-binding agreement in Paris will increase pressure on governments to cut emissions. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 14-10-2015

Bolivia: ‘For a lasting solution to the climate crisis we must destroy capitalism’

Bolivia's national contribution to the COP 21 describes capitalism as "a system of death" that has to be destroyed to protect humanity and Mother Earth. EURACTIV France reports
Global Europe 02-05-2012

Spain, EU suffer new blows in Latin America

Bolivia's leftist President Evo Morales marked May Day yesterday (1 May) by nationalising the local unit of Spain's Red Electrica. In the meantime, as a sign of growing tension, a bomb exploded outside the EU headquarters in Argentina, which is seizing control of another Spanish company, Repsol.