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Central Europe 06-10-2016

Abortion protests rock Polish government, prompt backtrack

Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has looked firmly in control since sweeping to power a year ago but it may have pressed its conservative agenda too far by initially backing a virtual ban on abortion.
Elections 11-04-2016

Kaczynski blames Tusk for Smolensk crash

Responsibility for the 2010 plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczyński along with 95 other people lay with the then government of Donald Tusk, the late president's twin brother and leader of the current ruling party said yesterday (10 April) at an event to commemorate the disaster.

All eyes on Germany as refugee exodus continues

Member states are affected in very different ways by the refugee crisis. But all of them worry about what will happen when Germany’s capacity to absorb asylum seekers reaches saturation point. The EURACTIV network reports.
Energy 15-10-2015

Polish-Lithuanian gas pipe to end Baltic energy isolation

A grant agreement to finance the first gas pipeline between Poland and Lithuania was signed today (15 October), in what European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said mrked the official end of the Baltic region's energy isolation.

Tusk threatens leaders with another summit

Council President Donald Tusk tweeted today (11 September) that he will call an extraordinary summit if the Union’s justice and home affairs ministers fail to reach an agreement, based on the Commission’s plan to redistribute 160,000 refugees among them.

‘Transit’ countries get tough on refugees

While Germany has surprised the world with its welcome of refugees, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary and Denmark are growing hostile towards them, despite the fact that asylum seekers show no interest in settling there.

Pressure builds on Eastern Europe to accept refugee quotas

Several countries have already changed their tune on refugee quotas, while others, particularly in Eastern Europe, remain hostile to Jean-Claude Juncker's proposal. EURACTIV France reports
Ewa Kopacz

Poland says EU summit on migration likely next week

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said the European summit which is to deal with Europe's migrant crisis is likely to take place earlier than planned.

Visegrad summit rejects migrant quotas

A summit of the “Visegrad Four” countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland – held in Prague on 4 September rejected mandatory quotas for taking refugees, but said the group wanted to contribute to tackling the crisis and protect the Schengen border-free zone.

Luxembourg wants Orbán isolated for ‘smashing’ EU values

Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Minister of Foreign Affairs, sharply criticised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday (3 September) for saying refugees should not come to Europe, and that Muslims are not welcome in Hungary.
Languages & Culture 19-08-2015

Commission frowns on ‘Christian only’ solidarity with migrants

Asked to comment today (19 August) on a statement by the premier of Slovakia that his country would only accept Christian migrants, the European Commission reiterated the principle of non-discrimination, which is at the core of EU legislation.
Brexit 11-06-2015

Sikorski resigns following eavesdropping revelations

Three Polish ministers and a household name in Brussels, Rados?aw Sikorski, the speaker of parliament and former foreign minister, resigned Wednesday (10 June) following an eavesdropping scandal that has rocked Poland’s centre-right government. EURACTIV Poland contributed to this article.

Many EU countries say “no” to immigration quotas

The European Commission has submitted a proposal to find a fairer way to admit and distribute asylum seekers in the EU. But it’s up to the member states to decide, and many don’t accept the proposed distribution of migrants. The EURACTIV network reports.
Central Europe 25-05-2015

Conservative candidate wins Polish presidential election

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski conceded defeat to conservative challenger Andrzej Duda in Sunday's presidential election, a result that will set alarm bells ringing for the government, which faces its own election race later this year.
Trade & Society 29-04-2015

Germany, Poland clash on minimum wage

Germany and Poland are seeking closer economic cooperation and stronger ties on energy policy, an area that is especially sensitive for the two partners. But government consultations in Warsaw were more difficult regarding minimum wage issues. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 19-02-2015

Orbán complains about Tusk over the EU’s Russia policy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stepped up his criticism on Wednesday (18 February) of his European allies for their policy of seeking to isolate Moscow over its intervention in Ukraine, naming top EU official Donald Tusk as one of its backers.
Traffic control tower of the Donetsk airport on 4 October. [Reuters]
Energy 10-12-2014

Amid tensions, Russia resumes gas deliveries to Ukraine

Ukraine's military accused separatists of violating an agreed "Day of Silence" in the country's embattled east yesterday (9 December), an initiative that was seen as an attempt to forge a durable ceasefire paving the way to a new round of peace talks.
Central Europe 24-11-2014

Polish opposition says local poll result ‘dishonest’

 Poland's largest opposition party said on Sunday the result of last week's local elections, which gave the ruling Civic Platform (PO) party the highest number of provincial assembly seats, was "dishonest."
Energy 24-10-2014

Poland says it ‘won’ at the EU summit

Polish PM Ewa Kopacz said today (24 October) after the EU summit adopted a common EU position, that her country had “won” and had received from the EU everything that it asked for.
Energy 24-10-2014

EU’s 2030 climate and energy goal pits green business against industry

A European Union goal to cut greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030, agreed early on Friday (24 October), sets the pace for a global deal to tackle climate change, pitting heavy industry against green business.
Angela Merkel (Left) and François Hollande at the EU summit, 23 Oct. 2014 [European Council/Flickr]

EU leaders adopt ‘flexible’ energy and climate targets for 2030

EU leaders Thursday night (23 October) committed by 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%, and increase energy efficiency and renewables by at least 27%.
Central Europe 22-10-2014

More than 76% of Poles oppose the euro

More than 76% of Poles oppose joining the euro, a poll showed yesterday (21 October), suggesting there is little prospect that central and eastern Europe's largest economy will join the common currency soon.
Grzegorz Schetyna, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland
Central Europe 19-09-2014

Poland unveils new cabinet line-up

Poland’s cabinet reshuffle after Donald Tusk’s resignation to become European Council president reflects a shift away from his political line, despite the fact only five ministers have changed.
Ewa Kopacz
Central Europe 17-09-2014

Poland: Will Ewa Kopacz be an Iron Lady or a Tusk puppet?

While Council President-elect Donald Tusk is “polishing his English”, before he assumes his post on 1 December, Ewa Kopacz, his successor as Prime Minister, is confronted with the daunting task of building not only a new cabinet, but also her own political clout and entourage. EURACTIV Poland reports.