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Economy & Jobs 13-06-2019

Far from ‘devalued’, euro surges as trade war hits yuan

If evidence is needed of how far ripples from the Sino-US trade war are reaching, have a look at Europe where the yuan’s slump is driving up the euro’s value against trade partners’ currencies, handicapping the export-reliant bloc’s economy. Contrary...
Euro & Finance 18-03-2015

Rising risks to our currency and trading systems

The rising popularity of extremism reflects a popular disenchantment with the policies that have led to economic stagnation, writes William R. Rhodes.
The Euro reached its lowest point against the dollar for nine years this week.
Euro & Finance 07-01-2015

Falling euro cause for celebration and concern

European manufacturers are happy with the falling value of the single currency, which allows them to export their goods more easily. But the mood is tempered by the threat of deflation, particularly harmful to indebted countries, and increasingly a worry for the ECB, which may begin a policy of buying up sovereign debt from 22 January. EURACTIV France reports
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Economy & Jobs 15-07-2014

Draghi: Rumours are unfounded, I will stay at the ECB

Responding to media speculation over his future, ECB president Mario Draghi said on Monday that rumours about his exit are “unfounded” and come from “interested parties”.
Euro & Finance 15-07-2014

Draghi says stronger euro threatens recovery

A stronger euro exchange rate is a risk to the sustainability of the euro zone recovery, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Monday (14 July), responding to calls from the French government to devalue the currency and ease pressure on exporters.
Trade & Society 02-02-2009

Yuan to remain stable, China tells EU

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao last week ruled out an appreciation of the renminbi, reiterating his stance that the national currency will be kept stable on a "reasonable and balanced basis" at an EU-China meeting held ahead of a crucial G20 summit in London this April.
Euro & Finance 07-04-2008

Why the euro/dollar exchange rate should be left alone

Tampering with exchange rates to stem the rise of the euro against the dollar would be wrong, according to a March commentary from EuroIntelligence, which argues that leaving the euro/dollar exchange rate alone would be more beneficial to both currencies.
Euro & Finance 05-03-2008

Euro’s record high troubles EU finance chiefs

Finance ministers from the 15 countries using the euro expressed, for the first time, their joint concern regarding their currency's surge to its highest level yet, hinting that the US should be doing more to halt the dollar's downward slide.

The case for adapting the policy framework in the euro area

Maintaining a learning mindset and showing willingness to adapt the policy framework of European monetary union is "crucial" to the euro's long-term success, according to a January report from Bruegel.
Euro & Finance 22-10-2007

G7 implores China to allow stronger yuan

China should allow its currency to rise more quickly in order to help Europe and the US restore some of their industrial competitiveness and limit growing trade deficits, said finance ministers from the world's seven leading industrialised nations.
Euro & Finance 09-10-2007

Eurozone worries over exchange rate

With the euro hitting a historic high, finance ministers mounted pressure on China to adjust the yuan's value against the euro, ahead of a meeting of G7 finance ministers next week.
Euro & Finance 04-10-2007

EU businesses voice concern over rising euro

In an unusual step, BusinessEurope, the voice of EU business, has urged the Union to halt the appreciation of the euro against the US dollar, Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen, arguing that the euro exchange rate has attained its "pain threshold" for European companies.
Euro & Finance 15-09-2003

Evolution of exchange rates in the future EU Member States

The paper forecasts the likely developments of the exchange rates of the future EU Member States' currencies.