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Euro & Finance 18-03-2015

Rising risks to our currency and trading systems

The rising popularity of extremism reflects a popular disenchantment with the policies that have led to economic stagnation, writes William R. Rhodes.
Euro & Finance 07-04-2008

Why the euro/dollar exchange rate should be left alone

Tampering with exchange rates to stem the rise of the euro against the dollar would be wrong, according to a March commentary from EuroIntelligence, which argues that leaving the euro/dollar exchange rate alone would be more beneficial to both currencies.

The case for adapting the policy framework in the euro area

Maintaining a learning mindset and showing willingness to adapt the policy framework of European monetary union is "crucial" to the euro's long-term success, according to a January report from Bruegel.
Euro & Finance 15-09-2003

Evolution of exchange rates in the future EU Member States

The paper forecasts the likely developments of the exchange rates of the future EU Member States' currencies.

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