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Digital & Media 30-08-2017

Gabriel to start EU expert group on fake news

New EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will set up an expert group this autumn on fake news as one of the first measures she is taking in the job.
Public Affairs 11-02-2009

Brussels blamed for big business ‘bias’

The European Commission's high-level groups are "skewed" in favour of business interests and fail to guarantee equitable consultation of all stakeholders, allege Friends of the Earth in a new report to be published tomorrow (12 February). The NGO is calling for a moratorium on the creation of new such groups until more "transparent mechanisms" have been established.
Transport 18-06-2003

Transport: experts to advise the Commission for a strategy on accidents

On 17 June, the Commission announced its decision to set up an independent group of experts to get advice on a strategy for dealing with transport accidents.