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Economy & Jobs 17-03-2020

Will COVID-19 turn Germany’s export-oriented economy into a weakness?

The corona crisis is hitting Germany and with it the export-oriented medium-sized companies and world market leaders. A survey of them by WirtschaftsWoche reveals open flanks, but also hope and optimism.
Cybersecurity 21-02-2018

Eleven member states back EU controls on selling spyware

EXCLUSIVE / Eleven EU countries have signalled their support for draft rules that would place export restrictions on companies selling surveillance technologies, a leaked working paper shows.
Agrifood 11-07-2016

Baltic farmers: Russian embargo creates need for new export markets

Hit hard by the Russian food embargo, farmers from the Baltic countries and Finland have urged EU politicians to be more effective in finding new markets, as well as continue  dialogue with Moscow to overcome the food ban deadlock.
Global Europe 22-01-2016

Germany is the poster child of an accident waiting to happen

Export-oriented Germany is the poster child for an accident waiting to happen, according to a review of countries most affected by the ongoing global economic slowdown,  George Friedman writes in Geopolitical Futures.
Trade & Society 08-01-2016

German exports disappoint

German exports increased in the month of November, but not by the amount that was expected. This was due to an economic slowdown among some of its largest customers. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 05-08-2015

Renzi hopes to push through EU-Japan trade deal this year

The Italian prime minister believes the EU and Japan could finalise a free trade deal by the end of the year. EURACTIV Italy reports
Agrifood 17-07-2015

Farmers look to EU food aid to boost meat market

French farmers are feeling the heat, as prices stagnate and bankruptcy threatens more and more businesses. EURACTIV France reports
German Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel has been pushing for reformed export controls on surveillance technologies
Technology 10-07-2015

Germany leaves Brussels behind on surveillance tech export controls

Germany's ministry of economics has agreed on a new law that will impose controls on the export of surveillance technologies but EU reform on export controls is still stalled.
Transport 23-06-2015

Irish trade minister: ‘UK referendum is a worry for Ireland’

Sean Sherlock, Ireland's Minister of State for Trade Promotion and North South cooperation, discussed the risk of Brexit with La Tribune at the Paris Air Show. EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 10-02-2015

German exports hit record highs in 2014, despite international crises

Despite sanctions on Russia, German exporters achieved record sales in 2014, inspiring the German Federal Association of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA) to predict another record-breaking result this year, amid "growing risks and trouble spots". EURACTIV Germany reports.
Enlargement 11-09-2013

Kosovo-Macedonia ‘trade war’ becomes political

Skopje has introduced a tax on Kosovar citizens who want to cross the border in response to a previous import ban by Pristina’s authorities.
Brexit 10-03-2010

China promises ‘national treatment’ for foreign firms

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has committed Beijing to treating foreign companies equally to local firms, much to the relief of EU business leaders, who had expressed growing concern about the business climate in China.
Brexit 04-03-2010

EU export support schemes a ‘dead weight loss’

Some publicly-funded support schemes for European exporters only help companies expand into markets they would have moved into anyway, according to an unpublished report seen by EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 13-09-2007

EU reinstates British meat ban after foot-and-mouth outbreak

Three weeks after EU-27 veterinary experts agreed to lift a ban on British meat exports, confirmation of a new outbreak of the highly-infectious foot-and-mouth disease in Surrey has led to the introduction of another trade ban.
Climate change 27-10-2006

Commission proposes to ban mercury exports by 2011

Environmental and health NGOs have welcomed a Commission proposal to ban EU exports of mercury but were disappointed that the ban would not include mercury compounds.
Trade & Society 05-10-2006

Report: Bribery ‘undermining EU governance efforts’

A survey of leading exporting countries asserts that some European companies are guilty of bribery in less-developed regions.
Trade & Society 01-03-2004

EU goes ahead with massive trade sanctions on US

The EU has imposed trade sanctions worth 4 bn US dollars (around 3.2 bn euros) on a range of US products. The dispute relates to illegal tax breaks benefiting US corporations.
Trade & Society 09-05-2003

EU gets final go-ahead from WTO to impose massive trade sanctions on U.S.

The EU says it will give the U.S. until the end of 2003 to comply with World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling over U.S. tax breaks given to U.S. exporters. The WTO has authorised the EU to apply tariffs of up to 4 billion U.S. dollars over this illegal export subsidy.
Trade & Society 25-04-2003

Commissioner Lamy treads cautiously on sanctions against US on export subsidies

European Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy is taking a positive outlook on pending US tax law reform over an export subsidy scheme, which would allow him not to enforce sanctions.