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Anne Glover speaking at the Friends of Europe - EU 2050: Europe's Tech Revolution (Photo: Flickr: OB-Pic 043)

EU twisting facts to fit political agenda, chief scientist says

A big challenge for the next European Commission will be to disconnect its evidence gathering processes from the “political imperative” that’s driving policy proposals, according to Anne Glover, the EU’s chief scientific advisor.
Climate change 03-11-2004

EU officials seek to make sense of 36 REACH reports

National officials meeting in The Hague have recommended cutting down the costs of the draft EU chemicals law on businesses while estimating the long-term benefits for society at "tens of billions" of euros.
Climate change 21-10-2004

Industry lashes out at “alarmist” new chemicals report

The battle over REACH rages on with new results of blood tests by the WWF immediately dismissed by the bromine industry. Test results, it is argued, are "alarmist" and aimed at "creating public anxiety".
Climate change 21-10-2004

REACH impact assessment battle rages on

Twelve major industrial sectors have joined forces in their objections to the EU's draft chemicals legislation over competitiveness concerns. The trade and retail sectors have raised similar doubts in a new impact study.
Climate change 18-10-2004

New study predicts lower costs of REACH

A study performed by US academics on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers says REACH will cost around 0.06% of annual sales revenues to the European chemicals industry.
Climate change 21-04-2004

MEP ban on hazardous batteries rejected by Commission

The Parliament's vote in favour of banning nickel-cadmium batteries was immediately followed by a Commission statement rejecting the MEPs' disputed amendments.
Climate change 07-04-2004

Environment Committee wants to ban nickel-cadmium batteries but grants exemptions

In its first reading of the Commission's draft batteries directive, the Parliament's environment committee has proposed to ban nickel-cadmium batteries.
Climate change 26-11-2003

Batteries Directive proposal: mandatory collection and recycling but no cadmium ban

The Commission adopted on 25 November a proposal for a new battery directive, setting minimum rules for national collection and recycling schemes, but falling short of banning cadmium.
Climate change 27-02-2003

Batteries Directive: EU calls on stakeholders to shape the legislative process

In a first trial run, the Commission launches a new mechanism to improve the regulatory environment on legislation concerning batteries.