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Global Europe 15-07-2008

Parliament wants more visibility for EU external aid

Urged by MEPs to make the external aid action of the EU more visible, External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner conceded that this was her "greatest challenge" and outlined her ideas on how to "show the flag" more in future.

Only 50% of development aid reaching the poor

Too much development aid is swallowed up by high consultancy fees, excessive administration costs, and poorly targeted actions that favour the interests of donors rather than the recipients, says a report from ActionAid.
Climate change 05-09-2005

EU to send US emergency aid after storm kills thousands

The United States have formally called on the EU, NATO and other international donors to send emergency aid, six days after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, leaving thousands dead.
Development Policy 30-07-2004

EU announces aid to Palestinians amid claims previous sums were misused

EU aid to Palestinians will amount to around 250 million euros this year, the Commission has announced. The aid comes amid allegations that previous sums were used to fund terrorist activities.
Development Policy 17-05-2000

Commission reforms external aid programmes

Commissioner Patten yesterday told the European Parliament that the Commission has decided a major reform to overhaul the management of external assistance programmes