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Public Affairs 15-12-2016

Trump yet to speak to EU leader

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's spokesperson's service gave muddled accounts of the first trans-Atlantic conversation between their boss and America's new leadership.

Multinational border protection teams to be rolled out

Given the continuing refugee crisis, the European Commission wants to secure the EU's external borders with a European border surveillance system. Until it can be implemented, Frontex will commit extra personnel. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 06-09-2010

Monitoring elections boosts EU’s world image, says top official

The long-standing engagement of the European Union in observing elections around the world will continue during EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton's mandate, the acting director-general for foreign affairs (RELEX) at the European Commission Karel Kovanda told EURACTIV in an interview.
Brexit 08-02-2010

Call for EU ’embassies’ to support business

Europe's new External Action Service (EEAS) could serve as a first port-of-call for small businesses looking to gain a foothold in foreign markets, according to Europe's main business lobby group.
Med & South 22-01-2010

‘Struggling transitions’ at Europe’s borders

The EU's influence on its greater neighbourhood - from Eastern Europe to Central Asia and North Africa - is fading in some places but offers under-utilised potential in others, according to Richard Youngs, research director at a Spanish think-tank, who presented a new study this week in Brussels.
Public Affairs 29-10-2009

EU’s new diplomatic corps faces staffing issues

EU foreign ministers earlier this week outlined their vision for the new European External Action Service (EEAS), the diplomatic corps to be created by the Lisbon Treaty. However, many questions remain, notably concerning the body's recruitment procedures.
Future EU 22-10-2009

Institutions wrestle over EU’s first ‘foreign ministry’

As the Swedish EU Presidency prepares to test the ground for the new 'European External Action Service' (EEAS) at the October EU summit next week, the European Parliament rushed to adopt a resolution today (22 October), marking its territory on the future EU diplomatic corps.
Future EU 16-05-2007

Portuguese foreign minister outlines presidency priorities

The Portuguese presidency will mainly focus on the political agenda and attempting to resolve the institutional impasse, as well as the external agenda, promoting competitiveness, security and improving relations with third countries.
Trade & Society 05-12-2006

EU, Kazakhstan strengthen energy links

The European Commission and Kazakhstan have signed an agreement that lays the foundation for deeper energy co-operation. Caspian oil, gas and uranium are among the EU's chief objectives.
Security 27-04-2006

‘Soft power’: sufficient for the EU to raise its international status?

A conference organised by Friends of Europe focused on the EU's influence on the international scene. The EU’s potential need of military capabilities to overcome new security challenges also emerged in the debate.
Transport 27-03-2003

Transport ministers tackle heavy-weight agenda

Aircraft safety and the second rail package are likely to find agreement during the Council meeting of 27-28 March, while many other issues on the agenda still need to be discussed.
Security 08-07-2002

Convention to consider the EU’s international role

The European Convention will discuss EU external action, including trade, development co-operation, foreign policy, security and defence, at its next session on 11-12 July.

EU citizens critical of US Middle East Policy

Europeans are critical of US President George Bush's Middle East policy, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center, conducted in Britain, France, Germany and Italy.
Enlargement 13-03-2002

Donors pledge 307 million euro for Macedonia

Nearly 50 countries and international organisations pledged a total of 307 million euro to support the peace process and economic development in Macedonia.
Enlargement 19-12-2001

Balkan Stability Pact coordinator criticises EU bureaucracy

The outgoing co-ordinator of the EU-backed Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, Bodo Hombach, has accused the European Commission of thwarting efforts to help the war-damaged Balkan region.
Enlargement 11-12-2001

EU names new co-ordinator for Balkan Stability Pact

EU foreign ministers have appointed an Austrian diplomat, Erhard Busek, to replace the German diplomat, Bodo Hombach, as co-ordinator of the Brussels-based Balkan Stability Pact. Mr Busek is a former Austrian Vice-Chancellor and government adviser for enlargement.
Central Europe 06-12-2001

Croatia ratifies EU association accord

The Croatian parliament ratified the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union that opens a possibility for Croatia to become an EU member.
Enlargement 30-10-2001

EU ponders way forward for Stability Pact

The EU foreign ministers have started a discussion on the future of its Stability Pact for the Balkans that was set up in 1999 in order to stabilise the war-torn region.
Enlargement 05-10-2001

EU postpones donors’ conference for Macedonia

The European Union has decided to postpone an international donors' conference for Macedonia, saying the Macedonian government has not granted ethnic Albanians enough rights. The conference, scheduled for 15 October, will not go ahead until the country's government implements reforms agreed under a peace agreement with ethnic Albanian guerrillas.
Security 28-09-2001

Berlusconi undermines EU strategy to seek Muslim support

EU leaders have criticised Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for implying that the world is heading for a clash between Western and Islamic civilisations. While undermining the EU's strategy to obtain the support of Islamic countries in a fight against international terrorism, Mr Berlusconi was also branded as racist by Islamic countries.
Enlargement 27-09-2001

NATO approves new operation in Macedonia

NATO's 19 defence ministers have approved the deployment of a new military force to oversee the implementation of the peace agreement between the Macedonian government and ethnic Albanian guerrillas. The new NATO force has received the unanimous support of the United Nations Security Council on 26 September.
Security 26-09-2001

EU seeks Muslim allies against terrorism

The EU wants to persuade Muslim countries that their support for the international counter-terrorism coalition is key in order to disperse fears of a clash between Western and Islamic civilisations. The EU hopes that its diplomatic mission to the Middle East will also contribute to improving relations between Europe and Muslim countries.
Enlargement 25-09-2001

Macedonia’s parliament takes another step towards peace

The Macedonian parliament has given initial approval to constitutional changes that would improve the position of the Albanian minority. The reforms, which are part of the EU and NATO-backed peace plan, will be first subjected to a ten-day public consultation and then passed to the parliament for final approval.
Enlargement 25-09-2001

Outcome of Polish elections to effect enlargement process?

According to exit polls, the opposition Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) has secured a majority of 41.5 per cent in Poland's general elections on Sunday, which is not enough to form a single-party government. The leftist alliance has pushed the ruling Christian-Democratic Solidarity block out of parliament.