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Sports 10-01-2006

Commission to raise the profile of sport in education

Increasing knowledge of the role of sport and physical activity in education across the EU and promoting physical activity to counter obesity are two areas the Commission will follow up on after the European Year of Education through Sport 2004.
Sports 06-10-2005

More dialogue between Commission and national sports federations?

The EU has missed an opportunity by not making an explicit link with sport in the EU's lifelong learning programme, says the head of German sport's EU office. He also wants EU dialogue with national sports federations.
Sports 14-06-2005

MEP behind EYES sees potential in ‘sports-minded’ schools label

Doris Pack, the German MEP who was the driving force behind the European Year of Education through Sport 2004, is positive about discussion the year has triggered at national level.
Sports 28-09-2004

EU ‘supporting measures’ for sport may start by 2008-09

The Commissioner designate dealing with sport sees EU supporting measures starting by 2008-09. A Spanish researcher says the EU needs to develop a "well-defined sports policy".