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Brexit 19-05-2015

What can Brussels do to avoid Brexit?

Clear but invisible lines of communication between London and Brussels, and a pragmatic and opportunistic approach are required if Brexit is to be avoided, according to Fabian Zuleeg.
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2014 EuroPhilantopics

EuroPhilantopics is the annual event for foundations and EU institutions to come together and consider the challenges facing people and communities in the next 5-10 years, with a view to collaborating on shared agendas and gaining more in-depth knowledge of issues, which they can then make use of when considering policy, strategy and funding in the coming years. EuroPhilantopics, which included sessions on sessions on migration, employment, the circular economy and the economics of change, took place during the European Foundation Centre’s 25th Anniversary week, from 3-7 November.
EU Priorities 2020 09-09-2014

Beyond individuals: a more effective structure for the Commission

Commenting on the leaked organigram of the next Commission, Fabian Zuleeg says that new executive should reflect not only an acceptable political bargain, but also makes progress in making the structure more effective.

Solutions needed for long-term unemployed

Europe risks creating a generation of long-term unemployed, but actions can be taken now as a matter of urgency to avoid this scenario, writes Fabian Zuleeg.
EU Priorities 2020 24-03-2010

The European Council: Balancing short term crisis and long-term strategy

"The [spring] summit is unlikely to give decisive answers to any of the questions" on Europe 2020, Greece or climate change, writes Fabian Zuleeg, chief economist at the European Policy Centre, in a March paper.
EU Priorities 2020 08-03-2010

Europe 2020: Better – but still not good enough

''On 3 March, the [European] Commission published its Communication on Europe 2020, presenting more concrete proposals for the successor to the Lisbon Strategy, to be discussed at the forthcoming Spring Council. Europe 2020 focuses on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, with high-level targets covering each of these dimensions,'' writes Fabian Zuleeg, chief economist at the European Policy Centre (EPC), in a March commentary.