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Tweets of the Week 48
Data protection 25-05-2018

Tweets of the Week: Royal Wedding, Zuckerberg in EU Parliament, and GDPR

This week all eyes turn to the Royal Wedding, it’s the Facebook hearing we were all dreading, and the arrival of GDPR has got businesses shredding!
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Achim Wambach

Wambach: EU competition law is slow

“There is a need for regulation and harmonization,” said Center of European Economic Research’s head Achim Wambach during a conference on reforming the regulation of professions organized by the European Commission in Brussels.
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Digital 05-05-2014

Linder: Facebook can help politicians understand citizens better

Elizabeth Linder is Facebook’s Government & Politics Specialist for Europe, Middle East and Africa. She spoke to EURACTIV’s James Crisp about the impact of social media on the EU elections and politics.