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Agrifood 26-11-2019

France’s young farmers are struggling to establish themselves

Between the challenge of accessing land and the cost of transferring ownership of farms, young French farmers are struggling to establish themselves as farmers. The question is, will the next generation of farmers be able to take up the baton in France? EURACTIV France reports.
EU-Africa 16-02-2018

A small setback for intensive agriculture in Africa

Frequently criticised, the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition just lost France’s financial support. For now, the project aimed at helping Africa's agriculture is still supported by Germany and the EU. EURACTIV.fr reports
Agrifood 24-09-2015

Farming in mountainous areas: A fragile balance

SPECIAL REPORT / There is one type of agriculture that is more demanding and laboursome than others, but essential from a social point of view, and that is mountain farming. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Development Policy 06-03-2014

North and South sign commitment to family farming

At Paris’ 'Salon International de l’Agriculture', several European nations signed a joint ministerial statement with developing countries in support of family farming, EURACTIV France reports.