About: Family policy

Top court strikes down France’s anti-smacking law

A French law condemning the smacking of children has been struck down by the Constitutional Council, dismaying opponents of a practice for which France has been rapped by the UN.

EU child custody laws need updating

Modern families are evolving, but family law has failed to keep up. It is time for the EU to step in to ensure that families, and particularly children, have protection and legal certainty, wherever they are in Europe, argues Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea.

Sigmar Gabriel hopes for decisive victory in leadership election

Refugees will dominate the three day meeting of the SPD in Berlin. Party leader Sigmar Gabriel is almost certainly going to be re-elected, but the nature of his victory will be all-important. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.

Support for families ‘essential for more growth and jobs’

The Commission is urging action on  better gender-equality policies and support for families so that Europeans can have the number of children they want and pursue a successful career, to counter the ageing population and reach the Lisbon targets of more growth and jobs.

Report: no need for a harmonised EU family policy

Faced with the demographic challenges of declining birth rates and ageing populations, a new research report concludes that a European "one size fits all" approach to family policy will not work.

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