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Agrifood 11-05-2021

Urgent action is needed as Europe’s food systems stand at the crossroads of transformation or crisis

The average European wastes their own weight in discarded food each year, and, worryingly for both our health and sustainability, more than half of the adult European population is overweight. Alongside this, agriculture is responsible for around 10 per cent...
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Agrifood 07-04-2021

EU-Africa Partnership: Let African Farmers trade rather than being dependent on aid

As an African farmer and exporter, I know all too well the potential of agricultural trade for the development of my country Kenya and my continent. As the European Union and the African Union prepare to agree on their new...
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A recipe for success: three crucial ingredients for the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy

Following the publication of the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy six months ago, policymakers acknowledge that the future of food is dependent – now more than ever – on innovative solutions that challenge the industry status quo. While the Strategy...