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  • Greek farmers’ border blockade angers Bulgarians

    News | Agrifood 03-02-2016

    Bulgaria is losing patience with Greek farmers, who have blocked border checkpoints for a third consecutive day today (3 February), protesting against a planned overhaul of the pension system.

  • Europe must come to grips with the CAP

    Opinion | Agrifood 04-09-2015

    The European Union has adopted a piecemeal approach to the crises hitting the bloc’s milk and livestock sector,  write Yves Madre and Luc Vernet.

  • Disputes reignited over milk prices ahead of EU crisis meeting

    News | Agrifood 02-09-2015

    Ahead of the meeting between EU agricultural ministers next week, disputes over the regulation of milk prices have once again come to the fore. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • France promises emergency aid to farmers

    News | Agrifood 22-07-2015

    French President François Hollande on Tuesday (21 July) promised measures to help livestock and dairy farmers who have been protesting for weeks over what they say is a squeeze on their profits by retailers and food processors.

  • German government to boost organic farming

    News | Agrifood 22-05-2015

    Germany is hungry for organic products. But, despite good market conditions, and heavy marketing, organic farmers are not reaping their share of the boom’s benefits, something Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt intends to change. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Putting the brakes on New Alliance land grabs

    Opinion | Development Policy 18-03-2015

    What kind of role should the private sector have in the post-2015 fight against poverty and food insecurity? And how should EU governments ensure it is genuinely inclusive and responsible? Yaekob Metena explores the possibilities.

  • EU pledges support for farmers following Russian food ban

     Video | Promoted content | Agrifood 03-09-2014

    The European Commission confirmed on Wednesday it will provide an additional €30 million of EU funding for CAP promotion programmes starting in 2015, on top of the €60 million that is foreseen annually in the CAP budget. The new measures are aimed at alleviating the impact of Russian ban on importing certain EU agricultural products.

  • Africa’s Farms of the Future

    Opinion | Development Policy 23-06-2014

    African agriculture is a sleeping giant: the odds are against Africa's farmers, but the potential for economic growth is huge. It's time to wake up the giant with action on policy, investment and technology, writes Strive Masiyiwa.

  • Parliament backs farm policy reforms

    News | Agrifood 21-11-2013

    The European Parliament has agreed to a "fairer and greener" reform of the EU’s agriculture policy, but MEPs from across the political spectrum weighed in with their discontent.

  • MEPs back farm policy reforms

     Video | Promoted content | Agrifood 20-11-2013

    The European Parliament agreed on Wednesday to a "fairer and greener" reform of the EU’s agriculture policy but MEPs from across the political spectrum weighed in with their discontent.
    MEPs insisted that EU funds go only to active farmers and not to landowners who do not farm their land. Also, it was decided that more environmentally-friendly farming practices will be used. This is the first reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) shaped by Parliament as a full co-legislator with EU member states.

  • With no final deal in hand, CAP talks shift to Brussels

    News | Agrifood 26-06-2013

    Negotiations on the future of the post-2013 Common Agricultural Policy are to resume on Wednesday (26 June) at the European Parliament in Brussels after three days of talks failed to produce a hoped-for final agreement.


  • Farm groups urge CAP deal by end of June

    News | Agrifood 06-06-2013

    Farmers’ organisations are pressing EU negotiators to finalise a deal on the future agricultural policy amid growing concern that an agreement will not be reached before the end of June, further delaying implementation of Europe’s biggest programme.