About: Father Aurelio Gazzera

Enfants dans une école en Centreafrique [Pierre Holtz/UNICEF]
Development Policy 18-04-2014

Peace priest: CAR aid mission ‘a victory for money that never arrives’

The international aid effort in the Central African Republic (CAR) is beset by strategic ambiguity, unclear objectives, funding shortfalls, incompetent administration, and failing political will according to Father Aurelio Gazzera, a Carmelite priest, peace mediator and blogger working in the country.
Development Policy 18-04-2014

Humanitarian priest: ‘It is easy to divide the world into armed mobs’

The global aid operation in the Central African Republic risks failure unless proper monitoring and verification procedures are put into place, with help from better-coordinated peacekeepers, in for the long-haul, says Father Aurelio Gazzera.

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