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A container ship is leaving the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda.
Economy & Jobs 31-01-2022

Lithuanian growth prospects unfazed by China row – for now

While the row with China has not yet influenced the short-term economic development of Lithuania, jittery investors might be a risk for medium and long-term growth prospects, Tadas Povilauskas, chief economist of Lithuania’s largest bank, told EURACTIV.
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Economy & Jobs 19-10-2021

From Chinese companies: open, fair environment is key, dialogue should prevail

The Chinese business community’s message to the EU is clear: an open and non-discriminatory business environment is key while bilateral cooperation and dialogues should always prevail. Xu Haifeng is the Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU...
Economy & Jobs 12-05-2021

As Hungary lauds its ‘Eastern Opening’ policy, statistics fail to show benefits

The Hungarian government has been boasting of its trade policy’s Eastern success, but data shows that the country’s economic reliance on the EU has not changed since 2010, and the promised Eastern opportunities have never materialised. EURACTIV’s media partner Telex...
EU-China 22-09-2020

Ambassador: China accepts EU criticism but not unfounded attacks or meddling

China accepts well-intended criticism coming from the EU, but it does not accept malicious attacks and will not allow anyone to meddle in its internal affairs, the country's ambassador to the EU, Zhang Ming, told the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee (AFET).
Economy & Jobs 11-02-2019

Why do foreign investors leave Bulgaria as if it were the Titanic?

Despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the European Union, despite having talented and educated people, despite a favourable tax environment, Bulgaria is likely to stay as the poorest in the EU, and to continue losing its population, writes Blaga Thavard.
Central Asia 19-09-2018

EU counters China’s Silk Road Initiative

Today’s adoption by the European Commission of a new ‘Connectivity Strategy’ linking Europe and Asia throws down the gauntlet to an increasingly assertive China, writes Bart Broer.
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Global Europe 18-05-2018

Role of investment hubs in global FDI flows: unknown, unloved?

On May 22, the Investment Facilitation Forum (IFF) holds an event that seeks to clarify the role of investment hubs and explore how their activities are linked to the EU tax agenda, financial regulation and the assistance to developing countries. Ahead of the event, the IFF president shares his view on the importance of distinguishing between investment hubs and tax havens.
Economy & Jobs 19-05-2017

Trust in EU trade policy boosted by court decision

Following the European Court of Justice’s landmark ruling on the EU-Singapore trade deal, MEP Christofer Fjellner urges the Commission to come up with a roadmap so future agreements do not face the same gauntlet as the EU-Canada deal.
Development Policy 31-03-2016

How Europe can help Iraq’s economic development

The European Union can play a role in the stabilisation of Iraq that could contribute to economic growth and peace while helping stem migration flows from the region, writes Dr. Theodore Karasik.
Trade & Society 22-11-2013

China, EU agree to start talks on investment treaty

China and the European Union will begin talks on a landmark treaty aimed at boosting investment that lags behind burgeoning trade and at tackling thorny market access issues, the two sides announced at a summit on Thursday (21 November).

Polishing the jewel in the European crown

Europe needs to improve the ease with which economic activity can take place across national borders. It must complete the single market to boost GDP and create jobs, writes Mark Spelman.
Global Europe 21-09-2012

EU, China leaders agree to disagree

With a trade dispute over subsidies, arms embargo and the market economy status looming in the background, EU and Chinese leaders ended their last summit with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, making little progress on substance but promising to work towards an EU-China Investment agreement.
Global Europe 21-09-2012

Thumann: Careful about bashing China

The EU should not be afraid of China’s growing competitive power. Rather, it should strive to have open markets and work towards starting negotiations for an investment treaty to provide better legal protections for European companies in the Chinese market, said BusinessEurope President Jürgen Thumann tells EURACTIV.
Central Europe 09-06-2010

New EU members hit by FDI outflow

The inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the EU halved in 2009 and particularly declined in the new member states – where the foreign sector is economically vital, writes the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies in an analysis of FDI in 20 Central, East and South-East European countries based on the latest update of its database.
Brexit 10-03-2010

China promises ‘national treatment’ for foreign firms

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has committed Beijing to treating foreign companies equally to local firms, much to the relief of EU business leaders, who had expressed growing concern about the business climate in China.

UK top destination for foreign R&D investment

Internationalisation of research and development drives cross-border flows of research funds. Europe wants more of those funds, but is currently losing investment to US, China and India.   

OECD report: Internationalisation of R&D speeding up

According to the OECD, multinationals are increasingly offshoring their R&D, but the role played by foreign affiliates varies widely around the world. 

Availability of researchers drives FDI

According to a United Nations report, foreign direct investment (FDI) in research and development is increasingly determined by the availability and cost of talented research manpower.
Enlargement 07-09-2005

Eastern Europe remains top FDI destination

Asia and Eastern Europe have become the world's most attractive regions for foreign direct investment, according to a new UN report.

Foreign Direct Investment in R&D

The EU is currently losing R&D investment to other countries. In 2001 the net outflow of R&D funding from the EU amounted to over six billion euro. The Commission thinks that the FP7 can provide the necessary framework conditions to attract more foreign R&D investment.
Trade & Society 11-07-2005

Marked decrease in investment flows into and out of the EU

Cross-border investment flows involving the EU have fallen sharply in 2004, according to figures published by Eurostat.

Survey: Western Europe still most attractive region for foreign investment

Western Europe remains the favorite destination for foreign investments but central and eastern Europe, the US and China are increasing their attractiveness, according to a new Ernst & Young survey.

Debate: International framework needed for CSR efforts of multinational companies

A one-day conference on globalisation organised by the Humanitarian Affairs Review focused on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of multinational companies when investing in developing countries
Enlargement 05-09-2003

UNCTAD: Foreign investment in new EU members to grow

Foreign direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe increased by 15 per cent in 2002 and is set to continue growing as the region joins the EU in 2004, according to UNCTAD.