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Elections 30-11-2017

Europe’s liberals prepare for overthrow of Grand Coalition

Liberals in Europe want to overthrow the European cartel of power held by conservative and social democrats and are targeting victory in the upcoming European elections in 2019. Can their offensive possibly succeed? Wolf Achim Wiegand looks at their chances.
Elections 25-09-2013

Merkel’s future bedfellows must stoke Germans’ European identity

Almost 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany's divided past still matters, as it mirrors certain electoral splits. Whatever the shape of the new government, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s future coalition partner should make one task its own: bringing Germany's European identity back to the fore, writes Tereza Novotná.
Elections 30-10-2009

Germany after the elections: A liberal dawn?

The German elections "have shifted the country towards the right," but despite the outcome, “the German electorate did not vote for radical change" and instead opted "for clarity and for an end of the unpopular grand coalition government," writes Timo Behr, a researcher at the Finnish Institute for International Affairs in an October paper. "As a result, tomorrow's Germany is unlikely to differ radically from that of today," he opines.