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  • Merkel and Schulz butt heads over Turkey and migration in only TV debate

    News | Elections 04-09-2017

    Turkey's place in Europe was in the spotlight during the only televised debate between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Social Democrat challenger Martin Schulz on Sunday evening (3 September), which featured few other questions relating to the EU.

  • Germany’s FDP launches pragmatic Europe campaign

    News | EU Elections 2014 22-01-2014

    After being ousted from the parliament at the general elections last year, Germany's liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) has selected Alexander Graf Lambsdorff as its top candidate for the European elections, adopting a sober and Europe-friendly position, EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Bundestag opens job centre for unemployed liberal MPs and staffers

    News | Elections 26-09-2013

    Germany's labour office set up a shop in parliament yesterday (25 September) to advise hundreds of liberal employees cast adrift by Sunday's election, which left the Free Democratic Party unrepresented in the Bundestag (lower house) for the first time since 1949.

  • Merkel’s future bedfellows must stoke Germans’ European identity

    Opinion | Elections 25-09-2013

    Almost 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany's divided past still matters, as it mirrors certain electoral splits. Whatever the shape of the new government, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s future coalition partner should make one task its own: bringing Germany's European identity back to the fore, writes Tereza Novotná.

  • Merkel triumphs as German Liberals fall

    News | Elections 23-09-2013

    Chancellor Angela Merkel posted a resounding victory in Germany's general election yesterday (22 September), while her coalition partner, the Liberal FDP, was ousted from parliament by not reaching the needed 5% threshold.

  • Merkel partners call for Greek euro exit

    News | Euro & Finance 24-07-2012

    Angela Merkel's coalition partners are lining up to demand a Greek exit from the euro, mounting pressure on the German chancellor and fanning market fears that Greece could shortly leave the single currency bloc.

  • Germany after the elections: A liberal dawn?

    Opinion | Elections 30-10-2009

    The German elections "have shifted the country towards the right," but despite the outcome, “the German electorate did not vote for radical change" and instead opted "for clarity and for an end of the unpopular grand coalition government," writes Timo Behr, a researcher at the Finnish Institute for International Affairs in an October paper. "As a result, tomorrow's Germany is unlikely to differ radically from that of today," he opines.  

  • Germany opts for centre-right government

    News | Elections 28-09-2009

    An historic blow was dealt to Germany's socialists yesterday as the nation chose the liberals to form a coalition government with the incumbent Christian Democrats (CDU), whose leader Angela Merkel clinched a second term as chancellor. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Liberals win regional German elections

    News 15-05-2000

    The liberal FDP is the big winner of the regional elections in Germany's largest regional state Nordrhein-Westfalen