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Internet governance 06-01-2022

Google under market abuse control rules after German competition decision

Google has been dubbed a platform of 'paramount significance across markets' and will be subject to extended abuse control rules to combat uncompetitive practices, according to Germany's Federal Cartel Office on Wednesday (5 January).

Germany fears EU digital law might loosen its antitrust grip on tech giants

German competition authorities have piled pressure on American tech giants since new rules came into force in January. However, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) currently being discussed at EU level may supersede the section of the German law that targets big tech. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Data protection 11-12-2020

German competition body opens joint case against Facebook, Oculus

Germany's Federal Competition Authority has opened additional proceedings against Facebook. This time it involves the virtual reality glasses of the Oculus brand, as it is planned that only Facebook users will be allowed to use these glasses in future. EURACTIV Germany reports.