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Future EU 16-11-2020

Does Brexit free Europe to seek closer union?

British politicians often speak of Brexit as an opportunity to escape Brussels' shackles but does the divorce also free Europe to go its own way?
Coronavirus 27-05-2020

German states claim sole responsibility for coronavirus regulation, sidelining federal government

At the weekend, the leader of Thuringia announced plans to end coronavirus restrictions in the eastern German state and replace them with local measures. Saxony voiced its support for the idea, while other states quickly condemned the move, possibly heralding the end the country's relatively harmonious federal coronavirus cooperation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Politics 23-02-2018

The Brief – Brok scores own goal in the federalist camp

If you've ever wondered what would be the equivalent of an own goal in EU politics, here is a recent example.
Future EU 16-10-2017

Varoufakis tells Macron to adopt the ‘empty-chair’ tactic

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis supports Macron’s federalist proposals on the euro single currency but believes only a real threat could make Germany budge on the issue. EURACTIV France reports.
Future EU 12-10-2017

EU grandees map trail for restoring citizens’ trust ahead of 2019 elections

Against the backdrop of yet another EU political crisis, this time with Catalonia seeking independence, opinion makers and decision makers in Brussels have tried to sketch a plan for rebutting populist pressures and restore trust in the European Union
Philippe Maystadt
Euro & Finance 15-03-2016

Maystadt: Consensus quietly growing for eurozone budget

A consensus has emerged in Germany, France and Italy over the need to create a eurozone budget, according to Belgium’s former Minister of Finance, Philippe Maystadt. But the popularity of anti-European parties is blocking progress. EURACTIV France reports.
Louis de Gouyon Matignon
EU Elections 2014 21-05-2014

Profile: Louis de Gouyon Matignon, the ‘Maastricht Generation’ in EU politics

Louis de Gouyon Matignon is a young French candidate in the EU elections and a self-proclaimed advocate of Roma and Traveller rights. He is profiled in the third part of a series looking at the French election candidates, by EURACTIV France.
Elections 18-11-2013

Verhofstadt ‘is barking at the moon’, says fellow liberal Bolkestein

The Dutch liberal politician and former EU Commissioner Frits Bolkestein has launched a scathing attack against Guy Verhofstadt, who leads the liberal and pro-European ALDE group in the European Parliament, highlighting tensions within the liberal family ahead of next year's EU elections.

French ex-president: EU needs to regain credibility among citizens

Former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing has called on EU leaders to put forward a vision for Europe to inspire citizens, boost confidence and develop a shared sense of belonging.
Elections 25-09-2013

Goulard: German liberals were punished for abandoning the EU

French liberal MEP Sylvie Goulard said that the German liberal FDP party, which failed to pass the 5% threshold for returning to the Bundestag in last Sunday’s elections, had been punished for “having lost their European commitment”.
EU Priorities 2020 23-04-2013

Barroso: More EU integration ‘indispensable for our economy’

The European Union and the eurozone have already taken important federalist steps to counter the debt crisis, which go beyond mere economic governance, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said yesterday (22 April) at the 2013 Think Tank Dialogue.
Central Europe 19-04-2013

Forget the United States of Europe, French ex-minister says

EXCLUSIVE / The European Union will never receive enough public support for federalism and so should abandon the idea of a United States-inspired superstate, says the influential French Socialist former minister Hubert Védrine.
Euro & Finance 08-11-2012

Merkel preaches federalism to MEPs, warns Britain against EU exit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a strong federalist speech in the European Parliament yesterday (7 November) before leaving for London, where she urged Prime Minister David Cameron not to turn his back on Europe and work with her to avoid deadlock at European Union budget talks later this month.
Future EU 14-09-2012

Czech president rejects Barroso’s EU ‘federation’ plan

Eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus has flatly rejected a proposal by EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso for a major transformation of the European Union into a "federation of nation states", according to Czech press reports.

Barroso: ‘We will need to move towards a federation of nation states’

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso delivered today (12 September) his State of the Union speech, passionately pleading for launching a wide-ranging public debate for a major transformation of the European Union into a "federation of nation states".
Future EU 11-06-2012

Federalist warms up to Europe at two speeds

Liberal MEP Andrew Duff, a leading federalist, is urging EU leaders at their 28-29 June summit to consider building a political union with, “at least initially”, a core group of countries forming a vanguard under a new treaty.
Future EU 31-05-2012

Barroso prepares calendar for ‘more EU integration’

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has said he will propose a roadmap and "calendar" for more European integration at the next summit of EU leaders on 28-29 June, without discarding the possibility of a treaty change aimed at injecting more federalism into the Union.
Future EU 18-04-2012

Attali: A federal Europe is the only way out of the crisis

?The only way to save the euro and get Europe out its financial crisis while maintaining people’s living standards is to have a more integrated union, the economist Jacques Attali said in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Elections 29-03-2012

François Bayrou: Toning down his Euro-federalism

As part of an ongoing series, EURACTIV France is profiling leading candidates in the 2012 French presidential elections, analysing in detail what their political action, programmes and policies mean for the European Union. François Bayrou, the centrist candidate of the Democratic Movement, stresses the national responsibility for fiscal discipline and the European Union’s potential to affirm France’s place in the world, toning down his usual strong Euro-federalist rhetoric.
Future EU 22-12-2011

Federalist MEP: EU needs ‘solidarity union’

The proposed 'fiscal compact' treaty currently being negotiated overly emphasises austerity and is insufficient to exit the economic difficulties, says Jo Leinen, a social democratic MEP from Germany. But the unprecedented attention brought to the EU by the crisis also presents an opportunity for European federalists to make their case to the public, he says.
Future EU 09-12-2011

Federalists want ‘people agora’ to decide EU future

Participants in a 'shadow summit' hosted yesterday (8 December) by the federalist Spinelli Group said they were "fed up" with the secretive political deals of EU leaders and called for a convention to map out a new vision for Europe.
Brexit 05-09-2011

Liberal MEP suggests ‘second-class membership’ for UK

Andrew Duff, a British Liberal MEP and leader of the Union of European Federalists, has called for a genuine 'fiscal union' and greater EU integration, explicitly saying that opt-outs should be made possible for more Eurosceptic countries like the United Kingdom.
Brexit 04-03-2011

Federalists in attempt to upgrade Lisbon Treaty

Leading MEP Andrew Duff has tabled "federalist" proposals to enable future EU treaty revisions to be made with a four-fifths majority of member states, in a bid to bypass the UK's 'referendum lock' on any further treaty amendments.
Elections 13-01-2011

Spinelli Group preaches federalism to parliaments, media

A recently-established federalist body, the Spinelli Group, invited all its members to the European Parliament for the first time yesterday (12 January) for a debate on how to bring forward greater unity between Europeans.