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EU Elections 2019 12-04-2019

A manifesto for post-populism in Bulgaria and Europe

Bulgarians will be able to cast their vote for a new pro-European and pro-reform force in the European elections: ‘Way to the young’, led by London-based lawyer Rumen Cholakov, who contributed this op-ed exclusively to EURACTIV.
Future EU 14-01-2019

Catalan republicanism and European federalism

Republicanism in Catalonia is inseparable from both Catalanism and European federalism, writes Oriol Junqueras, who argues that Europe faces a crucial crossroads: on the one hand, an increasingly extreme right, and on the other, a modern European federalist left.
Future EU 18-01-2017

Pick-and-choose populism and the EU elite

EU leaders cannot exploit populism when it suits them and then complain when things do not go their way. We need strong leadership from the political mainstream to turn things around, write Petroula Nteledimou and Nikos Lampropoulos.
Brexit 31-08-2016

The silver lining to the Brexit cloud

After a fairly restless summer, the mood on Brexit has shifted in Brussels. Initial disbelief that the UK could have voted to leave is now replaced by acceptance that, “Brexit means Brexit”, writes Andrew Duff.
Future EU 27-05-2013

The current crisis the price for not having a European federal union

The division of Europe between creditors and debtors should have never happened and in fact it would not have happened if the European interest, initially present in the draft of the Maastricht Treaty, had prevailed over the national interests, argues Joan Marc Simon.
Brexit 17-01-2013

Reality check for the ‘euro-realists’

A new band of ‘euro-realists’ has appeared on the scene, composed mostly of Tory Britons. In the European Parliament, they cluster in the group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), and are little aware of the true state of the Union, argues Andrew Duff.
Public Affairs 21-08-2012

Will the euro sink into public oblivion?

The time has come to give the euro a political perspective and bring about a sense of common European destiny in a changing world, writes Pierre Defraigne.
Future EU 13-02-2012

After the fiscal compact, European democracy

The decision of 25 EU governments to endorse a fiscal compact marked a turning point in the sovereign debt crisis, writes Guido Montani of the Union of European Federalists. Now a debate on the political future of the EU begins.
Euro & Finance 10-12-2010

The euro will only be saved if Europe exists

Political unity in Europe is essential in order to rid the financial markets of doubt and stabilise the single currency writes Emma Bonino, vice-president of the Italian Senate, former European commissioner and former MEP.
Future EU 13-04-2006

Analysis: What would a federal Europe look like?

In her book-project Florina-Laura Neculai, PhD student at the Catholic University of Leuven, explains European federalism in easily comprehensible terms. The project was supported by the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and is available in 14 languages.  
Future EU 19-09-2002

What future for federalism?

What future for federalism? In the Convention and elsewhere, Europe is once again debating its institutional framework. Gilles Andréani, in his thoughtful essay What future for federalism?, provides a valuable contribution to this debate by analysing the steady rise of...