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Trade groups face ‘paradigm shift’ in EU policymaking

Business associations are facing increased competition from individual companies in influencing the EU policymaking process, industry bosses heard last week (29 April).  
Public Affairs 08-04-2009

EURACTIV survey sheds light on EU lobbying strategies

At a time of economic crisis, most industry federations and their members agree that the ability to influence EU policy by lobbying is federations' biggest added value for business, according to a EURACTIV survey presented on 6 April.
Public Affairs 29-02-2008

Survey: National angle and new media tools key to EU communication

Finding the right balance between the Brussels and national perspectives is crucial when communicating on EU policies, while blogs and video clips are becoming an increasingly popular means of communicating online, indicates a EURACTIV survey.
Enlargement 19-05-2000

Is talk of EU federation compatible with enlargement?

Joschka Fischer, Germany's foreign minister, started a debate on the future of the European integration by outlining a federalist vision of the European Union. Fischer said that enlargement could hopelessly overload the EU's present institutions, which were created for the six original member states.

Reactions to Fischer’s federalist Europe

Many reactions after German foreign minister Fischer expressed his personal federalist views on the future of the EU

Fischer wants federalist Europe

German foreign minister Fischer has expressed his personal federalist views on the future of the EU