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  • Is Europe ready for post-2015 development?

    Development Policy 09-01-2015

    The European Union starts 2015 with new leadership in place, ready to confront a threshold year where key international deals need to be struck at four major summits on financing for development, sustainable development goals, climate change and trade for development, write James Mackie and Rhys Williams.

  • Poland’s New Golden Age

    Global Europe 07-11-2014

    Federica Mogherini, new EU new foreign affairs chief, has chosen Poland for her first trip, saying that the country has a big role to play in shaping the EU's common vision. Former Commissioner for Enlargement Günther Verheugen explains how Warsaw has become a European leader again.

  • Mogherini should appoint special envoy to the Middle East

    Global Europe 21-10-2014

    Federica Mogherini, the new EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, should appoint a new EU special envoy to the Middle East to engage and have an impact on the peace process in the region, writes Dr Nimrod Goren.

  • New EU trio is now complete, what next?

    EU Elections 2014 01-09-2014

    New EU leaders Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and Federica Mogherini face hard times, and deserve our support, writes Fraser Cameron.

  • Hoping for an unexpectedly strong EU foreign policy chief

    EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2014

    On 30 August, European leaders will gather to announce what they hope will be a weak successor to Catherine Ashton. It would be better for the EU if those hopes were dashed and a strong individual were to emerge, writes Jan Techau.