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Biofuels 27-05-2021

Biofuel makers protest against EU’s green investment taxonomy rules

Biofuels made from food-and-feed crops do not meet the EU’s green taxonomy criteria, according to a European Commission proposal, a move biofuel makers said will hamstring Europe's ability to meet green transport goals.
Agrifood 10-03-2011

MEPs want to end ‘protein deficit’ for EU livestock

The European Parliament has called for current trade agreements on oilseed and protein crops to be reassessed in a drive to put to an end the EU's dependency on imports for feeding its livestock.
Health 21-09-2006

EU agency to train national food-safety inspectors

The Commission wants national food-safety inspectors to receive harmonised training to ensure proper implementation of EU law and a high level of food safety and consumer protection. The task could be entrusted to an EU agency.
Climate change 05-11-2004

Three EU countries react fast after discovering dioxin-contaminated feed

The Dutch, Belgian and German farm ministries have sealed off farms after discovering cancer-causing dioxin in animal feed. The issue will be discussed by the Commission to ensure the feed is not exported to further countries.