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Enlargement 25-06-2001

DB Research: Enlargement after Gothenburg – false sense of security

Deutsche Bank Research: no binding commitments to enlargement target dates
Enlargement 18-06-2001

EU Summit overshadowed by violence and protests

"Strong" signal on enlargement and adoption of sustainable development strategy main outcomes of EU Summit plagued by violence and protests
Enlargement 18-06-2001

Fixed dates for enlargement?

Candidate countries welcome timetable for enlargement and statement that process is irreversible despite Irish "No"
Enlargement 15-06-2001

Gothenburg Summit focuses on enlargement and environment

European leaders meet in Gothenburg to discuss expansion, environment and EU reforms amidst fears that Irish rejection of Nice Treaty will sidetrack enlargement

Last minute preparations for Gothenburg Summit

Foreign minister meet in Luxembourg to discuss enlargement, sustainable development, EU-US summit and Irish rejection of Nice Treaty

Balkans and farm crisis hijack Dot-com Summit

Recent events poised to overshadow original agenda of Stockholm European Council
Enlargement 21-06-2000

Feira Summit confirms the priority of enlargement

The European Council at Feira on 19-20 June reaffirmed the priority for the Union of the enlargement process.
Enlargement 21-06-2000

EU to hold a summit with former Yugoslav republics

The EU Feira Summit in Feira agreed on 19 and 20 June to hold a summit with the former Yugoslav republics.

Attack on banking secrecy?

Surprisingly, EU leaders at the Feira Summit reached an agreement on the so-called savings tax issue.

Feira Summit Conclusions

EU leaders ended their two-day Feira Summit, laying the foundations for several important decisions to be taken during the next French EU presidency.

Austria row and Dover drama overshadow Feira Summit

The first day of the Feira summit was overshadowed by a serious row with Austria and the Dover immigrants drama..
Enlargement 19-06-2000

No clarification of enlargement process at Feira Summit

The Summit in Feira on 19 and 20 June will not clarify EU's intentions regarding the timing of its eastward enlargement.

Feira Summit concludes Portuguese Presidency

Union leaders will be assessing the progress made on several important issues during their Feira Summit on 19-20 June.

General Affairs council prepares Feira summit

Yesterday's General Affairs Council got briefed on the issues to be discussed at the coming Feira Summit (19-20 June)

The never-ending savings tax story

The Portuguese EU presidency came with new plans to unblock the so-called savings tax directive