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Telecoms operators will face new rules on competition with rivals

Telecoms companies will face new rules on how they can access internet networks under a change to EU law that could stoke tensions between large, former monopolies and smaller operators.
Technology 08-05-2015

How to achieve the best and cheapest access to on-line services in the Digital Single Market

As part of the Digital Single Market Strategy, Europe must make high quality broadband connections available right across the continent, writes Hans-Joachim Reck.
Technology 02-09-2013

Kroes slams broadband ‘regulatory mess’

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes has slammed the “regulatory mess” affecting broadband in a warm up to forthcoming proposals to shake up the sector, which will form part of the new Single Market for Telecommunications.
Technology 08-03-2012

Cable suppliers aim to cover half EU households

The European cable industry aims to increase their coverage of high-speed internet connections to over half of EU households by 2020, in a move that would help meet the EU's ambitious targets on high-speed broadband.
Technology 10-09-2010

Jury out on EU’s high-speed Internet plan

The telecoms industry is not convinced that the EU has found the right solution to spur investment in next generation networks like fibre cables, as draft documents seen by EURACTIV unveil the European Commission's plan for high-speed Internet.