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Broadband 11-05-2020

German-German dispute over fibre optic funding to be decided in Brussels

The European Commission is examining German plans to support the fibre optic industry. The Christian Democrat (CDU/CSU) parliamentary group asked for early approval, while the fixed network industry association BREKO is opposed to the measures. EURACTIV Germany has seen both letters.
5G 26-04-2019

Investment in ‘first class connectivity infrastructure’ a priority, Commission says

The cable industry's ambitions of ubiquitous gigabit connectivity have long been hindered by a number of obstacles, including patchy coverage and consumer trust issues. Carlota Reyners Fontana explains what the EU Commission is doing to improve the bloc's broadband gaps.
Technology 06-06-2018

EU caps price of international phone calls in landmark telecoms overhaul

Lawmakers agreed to cap the price of phone calls and SMS messages between EU countries and sealed a deal to encourage investment in fast internet networks during a late-night meeting on Wednesday (6 June).
Broadband 18-05-2017

Member states want to change investment rules in telecoms overhaul

EU countries have changed measures on network investment in a major telecoms bill and are kicking negotiations into the second half of this year.
Regional Policy 25-07-2014

France launches EU’s first digital infrastructure ‘project bond’

A plan to provide superfast broadband to French rural areas will receive EU funding in the form of 'project bonds', EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 27-03-2013

Brussels mulls rules to make broadband cheaper

The European Commission has proposed rules aimed at reducing the cost of building high-speed broadband networks, in a move that shows how Brussels is seeking more power over the telecommunications sector.
Technology 20-10-2011

EU broadband funds receive cautious welcome

The European Commission has agreed to co-finance Europe's long-awaited transition from copper to faster fibre-based telecom and internet networks while industry worries that EU funds could weaken investors' appetite for risk. 
Technology 15-07-2011

Telco bosses fail to break deadlock on fibre funding

As the European Commission takes the bull by the horns and asks companies to address a lack of investment in high-speed fibre optic networks, big and small telcommunications firms are failing to break a deadlock on how fibre should be financed. 
Technology 14-04-2011

Commission faces ‘fistfight’ on broadband pricing

Companies still reeling from a fight over contested EU regulation on access to fibre networks now face an even bigger battle over how much smaller telecommunications operators will have to pay their bigger rivals to use their networks, industry sources reveal.