About: financial transactions tax (FTT)

Development Policy 19-10-2016

French MP: Banking lobby’s ‘long reach’ undermines Financial Transaction Tax

Paris hopes to capitalise on Brexit to take over from London as the EU’s major financial hub. But this ambition could undermine France's promise to broaden the Financial Transaction Tax, Eva Sas told EURACTIV France.
Development Policy 17-06-2016

French development boss: 1% owning 99% of wealth ‘is not normal’

Worsening inequality is a threat to the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Objectives. To turn the situation around, the governments of developing countries must invest heavily in public services, says Philippe Orliange.
Development Policy 07-02-2013

Eva Joly: ‘Don’t sacrifice development aid’

EU leaders who meet today (7 February) to work on the 2014-2020 budget are expected to cut spending for development aid up to 13%, says MEP Eva Joly, chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Development. She calls on EU leaders not to sacrifice development aid, which she calls “peace insurance for Europe”. 

De Buck: EU budget weak on ‘competitiveness’

The EU has funded too many short-term projects that have little or no impact on the long-term competitiveness of Europe and it is high time to target EU spending on growth-led sectors, said BusinessEurope Director-General Philippe de Buck in an interview with EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 19-08-2011

Ségol: Financial tax must repair crisis damage

A financial transaction tax is needed to repair the damage of the financial crisis, which has cost millions in jobs, and the money should be used to invest in low-carbon growth and employment, said Bernadette Ségol, the newly-appointed secretary-general of the European Trade Union Confederation, in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Euro & Finance 20-07-2011

Economist: ‘FTT will dampen speculation’

The EU is cooking up a plan to tax financial transactions. Many economists are building up a body of evidence in favour of a financial transaction tax (FTT). EURACTIV speaks to one such economist, Stephan Schulmeister, who makes an impressive case for the unpopular tax.
Euro & Finance 30-06-2010

Leitl: Taxes should not rely on real economy

Austria has been working behind the scenes to get EU countries to sign up to unpopular taxes on banks. In an interview, Christoph Leitl, head of the country's Federal Economy Chamber, told EURACTIV why Austria should introduce a tax on banks' transactions even if others do not. 
Euro & Finance 10-03-2010

Jeffrey Sachs: Banking tax to plug budget deficits

Faced with huge budget deficits and public anger, both the US and the EU will have to impose a financial transactions tax soon, predicted economist Jeffrey Sachs in an interview with EURACTIV.