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Economy & Jobs 29-04-2021

How innovative EU-funded projects prepared us for lockdown challenges

Often described as cumbersome and hard to access, European regional funds, which are designed to decrease disparities between Europe’s regions, are actually at the forefront of funding innovative projects, often able to financially support ideas from which the traditional markets...
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Economy & Jobs 01-04-2015

Kiviniemi: ‘If we decrease the gender gap by 50%, GDP would be 6% bigger’

"If we, for example, in the OECD countries, would decrease the gender gap in labour force participation by 50%, by 2030, the GDP would be 6% bigger,” said former Finnish Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi at the Women In Parliaments Global Forum Summit in Ethiopia.
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Euro & Finance 19-03-2015

Stubb on Greece: “The key is to stay firm on the commitments made on February 20th”

“The key here is to stay firm on the commitments that were made in the Eurogroup on the 20th of February,” said Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb on his arrival at the EU Council Summit on Thursday.
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Economy & Jobs 12-02-2015

Stubb after Ukraine ceasefire agreement: ‘We should give peace a chance’

Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has warned Russia of a 'frozen relation' with the West if Moscow does not respect the ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk on Wednesday.
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Economy & Jobs 24-10-2014

Stubb: The EU is not a simplified accounting exercise

On his arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said that “the UK, like Finland, is a rich country, the UK, unlike Finland, has a rebate regardless of its economic power.” “I think it is very important we do not start treating the EU as some kind of a simplified accounting exercise,” Stubb added.
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Energy 23-10-2014

Stubb: We will get 40% emissions reduction

On his arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said that he is 'optimistic' a deal on climate and energy targets will be agreed on Thursday. “We will get 40% emissions reduction and we are looking at 27% in both renewables and energy efficiency,” Stubb said.
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Economy & Jobs 08-10-2014

Katainen: “I want 300 billion of real investment to support jobs”

In a three-hour hearing at the European Parliament on Tuesday, Commissioner-designate for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness Jyrki Katainen called for public/private partnerships, increased lending capacity for the European Investment Bank and other EU lending bodies, more “future investment” by EU nations in areas such as infrastructure and the completion of the single market.
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Global Europe 27-06-2014

Stubb: “People in the UK need to wake up and smell the coffee”

Speaking ahead of a European Council meeting in Brussels on Friday, new Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said that the potential election of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next Commission President against the UK's will is not going to push Britain 'closer to leaving the EU'.
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Economy & Jobs 25-06-2014

Barroso confirms former Finnish PM Katainen as Economics Commissioner

Finland's former Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen will become the new European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Commission President José Manuel Barroso confirmed on Wednesday.
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Future EU 24-02-2014

Stubb: Finland punches above its weight in the EU

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV's journalist Henriette Jacobsen, Finland's European affairs minister Alexander Stubb emphasised that his country had benefitted tremendously from being an EU member state, not least economically, and was punching above its weight.
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Future EU 16-04-2013

Finnish Prime Minister calls for a ‘just and fair” EU

Speaking at the European Parliament on Tuesday, Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen called for greater economic and political integration in Europe. Addressing MEPs in Strasbourg, Katainen said that citizen support can only be gained through a 'just and fair' EU.
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Future EU 08-02-2013

Finnish PM arrives at the February 2013 EU Summit Council

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels for a two-day summit (7-8 February) to forge a deal on the Union's 2014-2020 budget. Diplomats point out that it is “now or never” for heads of state and government to agree ahead of multiple elections in 2013.