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Euro & Finance 10-05-2016

A budget for the eurozone is taking shape

Budgetary capacities are an important tool to protect the eurozone from economic shocks, and their extension to non-eurozone countries could help with the economic convergence of the newer member states, writes Siegfried Muresan.
EU Priorities 2020 22-08-2012

Slowly but surely on the path towards a federal European Union

Shared responsibility and solidarity are the two key words that will steer the European debate in the coming years as the European Union slowly moves towards a federal model, writes Didier Reynders.
EU Priorities 2020 19-07-2012

EU leaders need to confront the political dilemmas of the eurozone crisis

EU heads of states and government would be well advised to announce which strategy for the eurozone they would like to endorse for the next 10 to 20 years, writes Renaud Thillaye, saying three options are on the table: An 'insurance-adjustment' strategy, a smaller eurozone or a fiscal federation.
Euro & Finance 20-06-2012

Europe’s leaders are suffering from amnesia

The financial and economic ills afflicting Europe would be treated more effectively if those who govern the Union - in fact, national leaders gathered at EU summits - were not themselves suffering from amnesia, writes Alain Lamassoure.
Euro & Finance 19-04-2012

Governance reforms leave the euro’s flawed structure intact

EU leaders tend to argue that the newly agreed fiscal compact is a step towards a fiscal union, while in reality the future of the eurozone remains in limbo, argues Philip Whyte.
Future EU 13-02-2012

After the fiscal compact, European democracy

The decision of 25 EU governments to endorse a fiscal compact marked a turning point in the sovereign debt crisis, writes Guido Montani of the Union of European Federalists. Now a debate on the political future of the EU begins.
Euro & Finance 06-02-2012

A useful treaty, or an empty gesture?

The new treaty on fiscal discipline cannot alone address the euro crisis and while there has been renewed talk of growth by EU leaders, current plans have proven "pitifully weak," says Carole Ulmer.
Euro & Finance 01-02-2012

The new fiscal pact: The medicine that may end killing the patient

The newly agreed 'fiscal pact' in reality provides no kind of fiscal solidarity between the signing countries and it will not deliver unless the EU moves from European governance to European government, writes Joan Marc Simon from Democracia Global in Spain.

Why we don’t need the new fiscal treaty

The proposed fiscal compact treaty is redundant as it presents little improvement over the existing EU rules and does not address the financial markets' actual concerns over short and medium-term growth, argues Massimiliano Marcellino.
Future EU 21-12-2011

A back-gear, not a forward-gear Union

By March 2012, Europe will finally have a form of fiscal union to govern the single currency. Unfortunately, this will be a pseudo fiscal union as it will be built like a car with no forward gear to drive investments into producing wealth and jobs, writes Jens-Peter Bonde, a former Danish MEP.