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Economic governance 17-08-2021

The new crusade for fiscal prudence

The frugal alliance stands to gain very little if their campaign for premature fiscal consolidation following the pandemic succeeds, but they risk exposing the entire EU to serious political and economic consequences, writes Anna Peychev.
Economy & Jobs 01-03-2021

EU likely to waive borrowing limits again in 2022

The European Union is likely to waive limits on government borrowing again in 2022, given persistent uncertainties about the pace of economic recovery once the coronavirus pandemic is contained, officials say.
Economy & Jobs 16-01-2020

In blow to Eurogroup head, EU Commission criticises Portugal’s budget

The European Commission said on Wednesday (15 January) that Portugal's draft budget for 2020 was at risk of breaking European Union fiscal rules because of insufficient progress in reducing its structural deficit.
Euro & Finance 20-10-2016

Commission’s top advisor championed market ‘discipline’ in crisis years

Niels Thygesen, the new chair of the European Fiscal Board, called for “ambiguity” in the eurozone’s rescue mechanisms in order to let investors “impose discipline” on national governments.
Euro & Finance 08-03-2016

Brussels piles pressure on Spain and Italy to balance their budgets

The European Commission will send a series of warnings to Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania and Belgium today (8 March) because of their “serious” deviations from agreed-on fiscal paths, EURACTIV.com has learned.
Euro & Finance 05-02-2016

Portuguese budget gets green light – after last-minute adjustments

The EU Commission accepted on Friday (5 February) the draft proposal from Portugal for the country's 2016 budget - but only after Lisbon included last-minute adjustments and following an intense discussion in an extraordinary meeting the college of commissioners.
Euro & Finance 09-12-2015

Member states limit new flexibility clauses in EU fiscal pact

EXCLUSIVE / EU member states believe the European Commission is giving too much breathing space to struggling national economies when applying the Stability and Growth Pact, and decided to adopt a more restrictive view of EU fiscal rules, according to an official paper seen by EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 06-11-2015

Commission defends role as sole guardian of fiscal discipline

Amid growing concerns in Berlin, Frankfurt and The Hague about flexible interpretations of the Stability and Growth Pact, the European Commission ruled out the possibility of transfering the assessment of national budgets to an independent external body.
Richard Ashworth, UK MEP for the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR)
Euro & Finance 02-12-2014

EU spending needs an independent watchdog

You will not find many people in Brussels arguing that the EU's budgetary procedure works well. The latest collapse of talks between the parliament and council on the 2015 budget highlight the need for reform, writes Richard Ashworth.
Elections 16-04-2013

Finnish PM Katainen seen jockeying for top EU position

Addressing the European Parliament today (16 April) in Strasbourg, Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen pleaded for the new concept of “fair integration”, which he said would keep the EU safe from the twin threats of nationalism and populism. Many MEPs saw his speech as a jockeying exercise for one of the EU's top jobs, which will be up for grabs in 2014.
EU Priorities 2020 13-03-2013

EU braced for ‘ideological summit’ on austerity v growth

An EU summit opening in Brussels today (14 March) is expected to see leaders offer conflicting views on the economy, with France’s Socialist President François Hollande leading calls for Europe to loosen the austerity policies adopted in response to the eurozone debt crisis. Hollande will find an unexpected ally in UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who also backs a more “flexible” approach to debt policing.
Elections 20-08-2012

Fiscal treaty splits Dutch parties ahead of election

The euro's new fiscal pact has become a political football in the Netherlands ahead of September elections, with Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager dismissing opposition suggestions it should reject the treaty.
Euro & Finance 29-06-2012

Question marks over €120 billion EU ‘growth pact’

EU heads of state agreed a "European Growth Pact" worth €120 billion at a summit in Brussels, which closed on Friday (29 June). But doubts have been raised about how fresh the money will really be as at least half of the sums will be recycled from existing regional policy funds. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 14-06-2012

MEPs give green light to negotiate new fiscal discipline package

The European Parliament approved yesterday (13 June) an economic governance package that foresees setting up a redemption fund to help countries in financial trouble and gives more power to the EU to control national budgetary and economic policies. That gives a clear mandate to start negotiations with EU ministers that are expected to last for months.  
Elections 29-03-2012

Dutch government teeters over budget row

The government of the Netherlands has narrowly escaped collapse as negotiations over deficit reduction have resumed between Mark Rutte's Liberal-Conservative coalition and Geert Wilders’s far-right Party of Freedom.

EU tables pensions plan, but it is ‘not ambitious enough’

The European Commission’s proposals on pensions presented yesterday (16 February) by the EU employment and social affairs chief, László Andor, was met by a flurry of criticism.
Euro & Finance 07-12-2011

Van Rompuy tables blueprint for eurozone ‘fiscal pact’

There are quicker ways to save the euro than modifying the EU treaties, says European Council President Herman Van Rompuy in a paper to be discussed at a crunch European summit on Thursday. EURACTIV provides the text of the blueprint. 
Euro & Finance 09-11-2011

China’s senior banker wants IMF reform before EU aid

China cannot afford to have Europe fail: If help is needed, it will be considered through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But the priority remains to finalise the IMF quotas reform, Xie Duo, a senior official at China's central bank, said in an interview with EURACTIV.