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Politics 04-11-2021

Merkel’s green legacy under scrutiny as she bids farewell to Macron

French President Macron welcomed acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday (3 November) for her farewell visit. But high-ranking critics accuse the outgoing German government of leaving behind a thorny legacy.
Competition 20-10-2017

Taxing the digital economy could slow progress on tax harmonisation

The issue of taxing the digital economy could undermine efforts for harmonising fiscal rules in Europe. Unless member states kill two birds with one stone. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 07-04-2016

France and Germany dither over the eurozone’s future

France and Germany hope to present a common position on the closer integration of the eurozone by the end of the year. But ahead of today’s (7 April) French-German Council, little progress has been made. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 31-08-2015

France’s economy minister calls for fiscal transfers in eurozone

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron has called for a new start for Europe, telling a German newspaper the eurozone status quo would lead to the currency union's self-destruction and that fiscal transfers between member states are necessary.
Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer speaks at the dbb Forum in Berlin on Monday (24 November). [dbb/Jan Brenner]
Future EU 26-11-2014

Joschka Fischer: ‘Germans don’t care about Juncker’

If the Juncker Commission is Europe’s last hope “then we are done for”, said ex-foreign minister Joschka Fischer, claiming Germans do not care about the new Commission president. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 05-02-2014

UK Conservatives balk at plans for eurozone parliament

British Conservative MEPs have cried foul over a proposal to create a permanent European Parliament sub-committee to deal with the single currency, saying it would have “major implications for the UK to regulate its financial services sector” and represented an attempt to “curtail” the influence of British MEPs.
Future EU 31-05-2013

France, Germany kick plans for deeper union into the long grass

Paris and Berlin have delayed plans for deepening the economic and monetary union until after next year’s European elections, following talks in Paris between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande on the future of the eurozone.
Trade & Society 28-06-2012

Parisot: ‘United States of Europe is no longer utopia’

Leaders of European business federations have called for today's EU summit to agree further political integration in the eurozone, with Laurance Parisot, head of France's MEDEF employers' group, saying that the idea of a "United States of Europe was no longer utopia".