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Economy & Jobs 15-11-2018

Italy sticks to its guns in revised budget submitted to EU

Italy defied Brussels again on Tuesday (13 November) as Finance Minister Giovanni Tria presented only a slightly modified draft budget, despite the European Commission rejecting the previous spending plan in an unprecedented decision.
Economic governance 23-10-2018

Commission rejects Italian draft budget in unprecedented decision

The European Commission rejected Italy’s 2019 budget in an unprecedented decision on Tuesday (23 October), after the government in Rome failed to give a substantial response to the executive's allegations of a breach of the EU law.
Economic governance 23-10-2018

Italy and Brussels meet head-on over budgetary dispute

The European Commission prepares to reject Italy's budget on Tuesday (23 October) due to an “unprecedented” breach of EU fiscal rules. But Rome sticks to its guns and presented the breach as a “difficult but necessary decision” taken by the government.
Euro & Finance 17-12-2014

A silver bullet for restarting growth in Europe

The Investment Fund by the European Commission cannot be expected to foster jobs and growth up to the end of 2016. An alternative- or a way to bridge the gap- would be to allow member countries to invest into pre-specified drivers of growth outside the limits of the Fiscal Pact, writes Karl Aiginger.
Euro & Finance 10-08-2012

French Constitutional court clears fiscal pact

France's Constitutional Council ruled yesterday (9 August) that the EU's budget responsibility pact did not require a change to the constitution, easing the path to ratification of the accord and removing a potential headache for President François Hollande.
EU Priorities 2020 09-05-2012

Commission calls for ‘third industrial revolution’

Following  the election of French socialist President François Hollande, the European Commission has tacked firmly towards the growth agenda and called for a new industrial revolution for Europe.
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Economy & Jobs 31-01-2012

Euro fiscal pact agreed

This summit clearly belonged to Angela Merkel. The German chancellor on Monday managed to get 25 of the 27 EU countries to sign up to a new EU treaty that will create tougher fiscal rules to support the euro. At the same time, the EU , finally is getting serious about tackling youth unemployment. Before getting France to commit to the new fiscal treaty, Merkel had to back off on a controversial German proposal to give the EU a veto on Greek government spending decisions made in Athens.