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Elections 22-09-2021

Post-election Germany: back to austerity or fit for a fiscal union?

Germany is heading to the polls on Sunday (26 September) amid intense debate on the future of Europe's fiscal policy.
Euro & Finance 13-11-2014

Message to Germany: Do not waste Spain’s reform efforts

Austerity measures dictated by Berlin and the IMF, have saved several European economies, but have otherwise produced mixed results. Miguel Otero-Iglesias says that in order to remedy this situation, Germany must take an extra step, and reward countries like Spain, in exchange for accepting its disciplinary dictates.
Apple tax evaders
Euro & Finance 04-07-2014

Common EU tax system should start with the banking sector, French advisors say

Paris has long backed the idea of an across-the-board harmonisation of EU member states' tax systems. According to French government advisors, this must begin by a common tax base for the European banking sector, EURACTIV France reports.
Enlargement 04-06-2010

Barroso: Hungary must speed up fiscal consolidation

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has called on the new Hungarian government to speed up fiscal consolidation, stressing that it was not Brussels that was demanding action but the financial markets. EURACTIV Hungary reports.

The case for adapting the policy framework in the euro area

Maintaining a learning mindset and showing willingness to adapt the policy framework of European monetary union is "crucial" to the euro's long-term success, according to a January report from Bruegel.
Energy 04-12-2002

Germany blocks energy tax deal

During the ECOFIN Council of 3 December, the EU's finance ministers again failed to reach a compromise on the proposed taxation of energy products. Germany is the only country still opposing the Danish Presidency's compromise proposal, which needs unanimity to be adopted.
Climate change 11-10-2002

European Environmental Bureau demands environmental fiscal reform

A 10 per cent shift of tax revenues from labour taxes to environmental taxes by 2010 is the key demand of an EEB campaign on fiscal reform. During the EEB's annual conference on 10 October, German Bundestag Member Ernst von Weizsäcker and former environment commissioner Yannis Paleocrasses gave their support to this European campaign
Energy 28-11-2001

European Environmental Bureau revives ecotax debate

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) launched an 18-month campaign on environmental fiscal reform (EFR) on Tuesday 27 November. The campaign was presented in Brussels by former Greek finance minister and former EU Environment Commissioner Yannis Paleocrassas. It will run for one and a half year in the Member States and accession countries.